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    I can't believe I'm considering my mother's name!

    I can't believe it, but I'm really considering using my mother's name. I'm sort of loving it lately! I found this photo in a magazine that looks just like my son, but a girl. And every time I look at her all I think of is...Marie! She really looks just like a Marie to me. So I'm not sure if I should use Maria (my husband's grandmother was Maria) or just use Marie.

    Also, I saw that a nickname for Maria is Mimi. How darn cute is that? I'm a sucker for nicknames and Mimi is quite a find! Can I use Mimi for a nickname for Marie too? I'm assuming you could.

    As far as a middle, I can't use my mother's name without my husband's mother's name in there somewhere. Her name was Patricia. So I'm thinking of either Patricia or Patrice.

    So what combination of the names is best? Thanks for voting and for all of your delicious comments berries!
    Also, I know Maria and especially Marie is incredibly outdated, but I really don't care.

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    I love Marie. I just find it so sweet and vintage-pretty. It gets a bit lost as a middle name but as a first it's striking, rather like Rose. If names like Edith are getting a chance to come back, why not Marie?

    Maria doesn't seem BAD but I prefer either Marie or Mara.

    Is it possible to substitute Petra for Patricia? I just find Marie Petra so cute to contemplate - I must admit having had terrible experiences with Patricias that have not done the name any favours for me. Patrice/Patrizia/Patia are okay though. Assuming there's an Italian link, judging from the last name, Patrizia seems justifiable? I do love a good (correctly spelled) name with a z in it though!

    You can use Mimi but personally I favour Ree/Ria or Mae.

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    I LOVE Marie for a first name. A dear friend of mine's oldest daughter is a Marie. It is beautiful and so special as a first name these days, as you barely ever hear it. Marie is a classic and always will be. In a world of Ava's and Olivia's, Marie is a breath of fresh air. I do not consider it dated, but even if you did, it shouldn't matter as so many old fashioned names are coming back into style. The sound of it is so gorgeous. And the fact that it is your mother's name is reason enough on top of that! Go for it.
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    I feel exactly the same way. Marie as a middle name is a snoozefest, but Marie as a first, I think, is unexpected and sweet.
    Petra is super cute. Great idea. I'll have to discuss it with my husband.


    Thanks for the great comment! It does seem like a lot of the girls have the same name or same kind of name these days. I'm so glad I'm getting such positive responses over Marie. I'm really surprised!!
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    I prefer Patrice over Patricia. Patrice sounds more streamlined and less dated. It almost sounds elegant. I prefer Maria to Marie, but only slightly.

    Not a fan of Mimi, sorry.
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