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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA
    FAMILY #1
    LN: Westwood

    DH: Julius Pierce
    DW: Miranda Felicity

    DS: Jeffery Alistair
    DD: Juliet Desiree
    DD: Cate Morwen
    DS: Daniel Stephen

    FAMILY #2
    LN: Keating

    DH: David Carl
    DW: Charlotte Nicole

    DD: Michelle Raven
    DS/DS: Eric Joel/Matthew Sean

    FAMILY #3
    LN: Snowden

    DW: Margaret January
    DW: Fiona Arwen

    DS: Elijah Quentin
    DD: Alison Yvette
    DS: Bryan Dominic
    DD: Olivia Jemima

    FAMILY #4
    LN: Wild

    DH: Jon Simon
    DW: Marianne Perry

    DS: Kevin Orlando
    DS: Duncan Hugo
    DD: Stacey Roxanne
    DS/DD: Ian Troy/Jenna Raine
    DS: Ethan Ken
    DD: Gillian Minerva
    DD: Opal Tallulah

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Dec 2012
    FAMILY #1
    LN: Wild

    DH: Wallace Kevin
    DW: Ramona Nicole

    DS: Damon Elijah
    DD: Eowyn Cate
    DD: Tamara Britta
    DS: Eoin Hugo

    FAMILY #2
    LN: Snowden

    DH: Angus Bryan
    DW: Lisa Perry

    DD: Felicity Arwen
    DS/DS: Daniel Lucas & Gideon Orion

    FAMILY #3
    LN: Hyde

    DW: Juliet Morwen
    DW: Artemis Opal

    DS: Ethan Robert
    DD: Charlotte Margaret
    DS: Scott David
    DD: Stacey Alison

    FAMILY #4
    LN: Marlow

    DH: Cal Simon
    DW: Fiona Maeve

    DS: Leon Jon
    DS: Arno Julius
    DD: Michelle Kim
    DS/DD: Duncan Stephen & Tallulah Marianne
    DS: Jeffery Troy
    DD: January Roxanne
    DD: Jemima Desiree
    Hannah, 17. Teenberry, story writer, story reader, Slytherin, human rights activist, and name nerd since 10.

    Current Fictional Character: Deveraux Culpepper

    (> <)
    This is Bunny. Copy Bunny into your signature to help him on his way to world domination.

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    Dec 2012
    FAMILY #1
    LN: Westwood

    DH: John Orion
    DW: Michelle Roxanne

    DS: Hunter Eoin
    DD: Charlotte Lynette
    DD: Holly Sky
    DS: Lucas Damon

    FAMILY #2
    LN: Chalmers

    DH: Leon Orlando
    DW: Nicole Opal

    DD: Ramona Felicity
    DS/DS: Duncan Eric and David Jeffery

    FAMILY #3
    LN: Donovan

    DW: Miranda Kim
    DW: Britta Cate

    DS: John Elijah
    DD: Margaret Elanor
    DS: Angus Scott
    DD: Briar Artemis

    FAMILY #4
    LN: Marlow

    DH: Pierce Joel
    DW: Fiona Raine

    DS: Orion Alistair
    DS: Ian Carl
    DD: Arwen Olivia
    DS/DD: Gideon Robert and Alison Juliet
    DS: Stephen Cal
    DD: Rosie Tallulah
    DD: Maeve Gillian

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    Nov 2012
    Family #1
    LN: Marlow

    DW: Angeline Marianne
    DH: Scott John

    DS: Julius Leon
    DD: Lisa Britta
    DD: Holly Tallulah
    DS: Hugo Robert

    Family #2
    LN: Forde

    DH: Jon Carl
    DW: Desiree Maeve

    DD: Fiona Selene
    DD: Charlotte Britta

    Family #3
    LN: Westwood

    DH: Jeffery Neil
    DW: Miranda Gillian

    DS: Alistair Orion
    DD: Kim Olivia
    DS: Hunter Colm
    DD: Matthew Elijah

    Family #4
    LN: Donovan

    DH: Ken Wallace
    DW: Rosie Raine

    DS: Troy Bryan
    DS: Ethan Arno
    DD: Raven Margaret
    DD: Roxanne Michelle
    DS: Ethan Kevin
    DD: Jenna Sean
    DD: Jemima Sky-Morgan
    Girls: Mabel, Lillian, Samantha, Summer, Chloe, Phoebe, Sage, Meredith, Caroline, Miranda, Elizabeth, Melinda, Anna, Margaret, Tessa, Melissa, Stella, Adelaide, Catherine, Sonia
    Boys: Jacob, Craig, Timothy, Anthony, William, Noah, Alexander, Matthew, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Angel, Carl, George, Peter, Jack, Henry, Joseph, Frank

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    May 2012
    FAMILY #1
    LN: Snowden

    DH: Roberth John
    DW: Jenna Margaret

    DS: Ethan John
    DD: Holly Juliet
    DD: Stacey Roxanne
    DS: Joel Dominic

    FAMILY #2
    LN: Forde

    DH: Simon Scott
    DW: Morgan Maeve

    DD: Michelle Margaret
    DS/DS: Ciaran Cal and Damon Dominic

    FAMILY #3
    LN: Westwood

    DW: Marianne Bree
    DW: Jemima Lynnette

    DS: Duncan Alistair
    DD: Ramona January
    DS: Desiree Yvette
    DD: Orion Hunter

    FAMILY #4
    LN: Donovan

    DH: Angus Carl
    DW: Gillian Perry

    DS: Daniel Quentin
    DS: Lucas Orlando
    DD: Charlotte Lisa
    DS/DD: Matthew Gideon and Olivia Raven
    DS: Elijah Wallace
    DD: Nicole Tamara
    DD: Juliet Trisha

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