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    Blended Family Game

    Virtual Dice Link <----- Use for each roll

    Roll for..."The Parents":
    1.) A male and female couple
    2.) A gay male couple
    3.) A gay female couple
    4.) A dad and a step-mom
    5.) A mom and a step-dad
    6.) You Choose

    Roll for..."Their race" (roll twice for couples):
    1.) Mixed race
    2.) Asian
    3.) White
    4.) Black
    5.) Middle Eastern or Indian/Pakistani
    6.) Other/You Choose


    Roll for..."Number of kids":
    1.) 2 kids
    2.) 3 kids
    3.) 4 kids
    4.) 5 kids
    5.) 6 kids
    6.) You Choose (2 or more)

    Roll for..."Gender of child" (roll for each kid):
    Odds: male
    Evens: female

    Roll for..."Adopted or Biological/Step" (roll for each kid):
    1 or 2) Adopted
    3 or 4) Biological/Step-children
    5 or 6) You Choose

    Roll for..."Age of child" (roll for each kid):
    1.) Baby
    2.) Toddler
    3.) Child
    4.) Pre-teen
    5.) Teenager
    6.) You Choose

    Now go ahead and name the kids whatever you like.

    Post your blended families below!

    I'll post the family I created.

    Dad: Kouta, Asian.
    Step-mom: Maryam, Middle Eastern.
    DD1: Reina Kaname, biological daughter of Kouta. 12 years old.
    DD2: Noor Yasmine, biological daughter of Maryam. 13 years old.
    They live in San Francisco. Both were widowed, but met and remarried, so their daughters became step-sisters.
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    Far North Queensland
    Jedediah Harvey Prescott

    Amos Alexander Wallace

    Remus Henry Wallace-Prescott (12)
    -Adopted son of Jedediah and Amos
    Rhodes Bram Wallace-Prescott (4)
    -Biological son of Amos from his first marriage
    Gwenore Sadie (12)
    -Biological daughter of Amos from his first marriage
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    Rose Evangeline Bennett (35) m. Carmen Maria Garcia (34):

    Javier Amadi Bennett Garcia (born 12 July 2004, age 12)
    Amara Kamali {Cortez} Bennett Garcia (born 9 October 2005, adopted 10 August 2010, age 11)
    Brooklyn Zaire {Cortez} Bennett Garcia (born 3 April 2008, adopted 10 August 2010, age 8)
    Maximiliano Kymani Bennett Garcia (born 21 February 2014, adopted 01 March 2014, age 2)
    Santiago Ayu Bennett Garcia (born 5 May 2016, adopted 5 May 2016, age 7m)

    Rose Bennett & Carmen Garcia:

    Javi Garcia:

    Eva Garcia & Brooklyn Garcia:

    Max Garcia:

    Tiago Garcia:

    Rose & Carmen met at uni in New York, married young and biologically had Javier (using Rose and Carmen's cousin) where Javi was legally adopted by Carmen at birth. The couple moved to Los Angeles where they adopted Amara and Brooklyn, half siblings put up for adoption after their mother's death. Two years ago they agreed to adopt Maximiliano from an agency at birth, finalised eight days later. This year the couple used a surrogate to have Tiago who was then adopted legally on his day of birth.
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    Mom: Farrell Oriana (Mixed Race)
    Step-dad: Yousef Karim, Kuwaiti (Middle Eastern)

    DS1: Micah Neruda, biological son of Farrell. (17)
    DS2: Isaiah Otto, adopted by Farrell and Yousef. (15)
    DS3: Aziz Samien, biological son of Yousef. (10)
    DS4: Laith Majid, biological son of Yousef. (3)
    DS5: Walid James, biological son of Farrell and Yousef. (nb)

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    DW: Wendy Haruka Kurosawa (Asian)
    DW: Kaitlyn Elizabeth Jones (White)

    DAD (16): Lyla Renee Kurosawa-Jones (Black)
    DAD (12): Amina Pearl Kurosawa-Jones (Middle Eastern)
    DAS (4): Lucas Jeremy Kurosawa-Jones (Black)
    Christine Keira - Evangeline Briar - Lula Daisy - Maisie Bear - Adelaide Echo
    Juniper Solstice - Felicity Iris - Rose Penelope - Aubrey Cerys - Lyla Winter

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