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    First name that came to mind was Zara Eleanor Ivy. I think something more serious and not so ultra-girly might balance Zara and Ivy well.

    Zara Amelia Ivy
    Zara Margaret Ivy
    Zara Cordelia Ivy
    Zara Angharad Ivy
    Zara Theodora Ivy
    Zara Charlotte Ivy
    Zara Meredith Ivy
    Zara Elora Ivy
    Zara Honora Ivy
    Zara Rosamond Ivy
    Zara Elizabeth Ivy
    Zara Emerson Ivy
    Zara Georgiana Ivy
    Zara Penelope Ivy
    Zara Constance Ivy
    Zara Beatrice Ivy
    Zara Tamora Ivy
    Zara Lenora Ivy
    Zara Tabitha Ivy
    Zara Persephone Ivy

    My favourites would be Zara Isadora Ivy, Zara Lenora Ivy, Zara Eleanor Ivy, Zara Penelope Ivy, Zara Charlotte Ivy and Zara Beatrice Ivy!

    Hope it was any help!
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    My first thought was Zara Felicity Ivy. Zara Isadora Ivy is lovely though

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    I like Zara Katherine Ivy. You could also try:
    Zara Fiona Ivy
    Zara Madeleine Ivy
    Zara Olivia Ivy
    Zara Aurelia Ivy
    Zara Azaelia Ivy

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