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    Zara ________ Ivy ( looking for 3-4 syllables)

    Looking for help in getting a 3-4 syllable middle name for my #1 name choice for number 2.
    So far my fave is Zara Isadora Ivy.
    What other names do you think might fit or might sound better than Isadora Ivy?
    My style is uncommon, timeless and eclectic. :-)
    Thanks !

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    I really love all these, but I'd advise against Zara Isadora because the two run together a bit, like Zarisadora. The same thing could happen between the first and second middles, but I think it's not as noticeable because the ending -a sound is contrasted better with the "eye" sound in Ivy compared to the "ih" sound in Isadora.

    Zara Theadora Ivy (I prefer Thea spelling because otherwise it has "odor" in the middle.)
    Zara Cecelia Ivy
    Zara Susanna Ivy (really love this one)
    Zara Corabelle Ivy
    Zara Justine Ivy (2 syllables, but still nice!)
    Zara Josephine Ivy (really love this too)
    Zara Fiona Ivy
    Zara Helena Ivy (hel AY na)
    Zara Jane Ivy (1 syllable but still nice!)
    Zara Tatiana Ivy
    Zara Valentina Ivy
    Zara Francesca Ivy
    Zara Juliana Ivy
    Zara Karensa Ivy
    Zara Katarina Ivy
    Zara Mirabelle Ivy
    Zara Paloma Ivy
    Zara Juliette Ivy
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    I do like Isadora a lot, but Zara Isadora Ivy... I get bored of listening half-way through even though I love Ivy as well. Isadora is just such a heavy name that it doesn't really even matter that something's coming after it.

    My first thought was Zara Elowen Ivy
    Elowen is not a name I ever would have thought of, but I think it's stable-sounding with the N ending to go with the shortness and peppiness of Zara and Ivy, but it's still a 'light' name. I actually love this combo.

    Zara Eilionoir Ivy
    Zara Seraphine Ivy
    Zara Willemina Ivy
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