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    Name List~Unabriged

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    Adira - Not loving this. It's just not interesting or exciting to me.
    Albany - Absolutely not!
    Amabel - Hm..interesting. I think I prefer Annabel, and people would always think she said Annabel, so that could be burdensome for the child. I don't dislike the name, though.
    Amoret - No, too made up sounding. And hard to know the right pronunciation.
    Anais - I've never been a fan of this name. I think of anus
    Anouk - I like it.
    Ariadne - I do like it, but I'm not sure that I can envision a little girl with this name.
    Aurelia - Nah, don't really like the sound of it. Sounds awkward to me.
    Bronwen - Like it..definitely prefer this spelling.
    Caia - Eh, just seems insubstantial to me.
    Celeste - I picture a woman in her sixties.
    Ceridwen - I think its' ugly-sounding.
    Circe - Would be too hard for people to pronounce and spell.
    Cornelia - Nice, prefer Cordelia.
    Elaine - No, an 80s mom name .
    Elspeth - I don't think it has a pleasant sound. Sounds like a Puritan name.
    Fleur - Too fluffy.
    Florence - Bad personal association
    Ginevra - Don't really like it.
    Henrietta - Not into it..prefer Hattie as a full name.

    Honor – Really dislike “virtue” names.
    Ione – I really like it.
    IsoldeLove it, but worry the average person would have no clue how to pronounce it.
    Katharine – I prefer Catherine, I think it’s a prettier spelling.
    Elizabeth nn Lilibet –Cute nickname! Elizabeth is nice; I prefer Elisabeth.
    Leonie – Cute. Maybe Leona, nn Leonie?
    Lux – Seems so trendy.
    Mireille – I don’t like it so much.
    Saskia – It’s okay.
    Vera – I can’t picture a child with this name – only an old lady.
    Veronica – Never liked it.

    Asa – It’s okay…don’t love it.
    BalthazarWay too much.
    Barnaby – I’ve been really into this name lately!
    Breccan – Sounds sooooo trendy. Ugly sound.
    Calix – I’m kind of loving it!
    Crispin – I like it.
    Fielding – Maybe a nice middle name.
    Griffith – Too surname-y to me.
    Isidore - I worry people would have no idea that this is a boy’s name and they would think it’s girl. I think it might be too old man-ish.
    Lachlan – Pretty trendy, I feel. Don’t love it.
    LeoLove it! But getting pretty popular.
    Lorcan – Strongly dislike. Doesn’t sound nice.
    Lysander - I like it, but think it may work better as a middle name.
    Malachy – Nothing wrong with it, I’ve just never been into it.
    Morrison – Last name.
    Moss - No.
    North – Middle name?
    Oberon – Nice in theory..too much, especially for little boy. Obie is kinda cute though 
    Orpheus – Waaaay too much.
    Orson – It’s okay.
    Park – No.
    Percival – Maybe? I hate Percy, though.
    Placido – Too much.
    Prescott- Last name.
    Redmond – Too surname-y.
    Romulus – Not sure if this would work in this day and age.
    Stellan – I don’t love it, but it’s fine. This was my next door neighbor’s son’s name.
    Thornton – Really don’t like.
    Vaughn – I’ve hated this forever.
    Zebulon – Woa…no.

    Adeline Daisy, born August 4, 2013

    Silas Winslow, born August 15, 2016

    Current Favorites

    Annabel, Cecily, Clara, Clementine, Cressida, Flora, Georgiana, Gemma, Hyacinth, Imogen, Juliet, Matilda, Ophelia, Persephone, Tamsin, Theodora, Verona

    Alastair, Asher, Callum, Damien, Dorian, Felix, Florian, Gavin, Hallam, Inigo, Lionel, Marius, Nigel, Noel, Raphael, Sebastian

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    Names for the lovely lady:
    Adira - Hmm, not bad but I'm not 100% sure on the pronunciation. My instinct is uh-deer-uh but uh-dye-ruh also came to mind.
    Albany - Don't like it. To me that's a city name.
    Amabel - It's ok, NMS.
    Amoret - Another that I'm not 100% sure how to pronounce.
    Anais - Not really a fan.
    Anouk - Don't like it.
    Ariadne - I like this. It's different but not too out there for me. Could use nns Ari or Addie maybe.
    Aurelia - Don't like it.
    Bronwen - It's ok.
    Caia - I like it, but I prefer the Kaia spelling.
    Celeste - NMS but it's nice.
    Ceridwen - This sounds awkward to me if that makes sense.
    Circe - Don't like.
    Cornelia - It's ok. Prefer the similar Cordelia.
    Elaine - Not bad.
    Elspeth - Don't like it.
    Fleur - NMS.
    Florence - Don't like "flo" at all. Potential teasing.
    Ginevra - NMS, it's ok.
    Henrietta - Kinda like it.
    Honor - Not the biggest fan of most virtue names.
    Ione - I like it, but not enough to ever use it.
    Isolde - Like.
    Katharine - Like, prefer the Katherine spelling though.
    Elizabeth nn Lilibet - Like Elizabeth, but not the nn.
    Leonie - NMS.
    Lux - Really don't like. To be overly honest, it sounds trashy to me.
    Mireille - Don't like.
    Saskia - Not bad. Nice but NMS.
    Vera - It's ok.
    Veronica - Like.

    And for the dashing gentleman:
    Asa - NMS.
    Balthazar - Don't like. Reminds me of Charmed.
    Barnaby - Don't like.
    Breccan - NMS at all. Prefer the similar Brennan.
    Calix -Don't like at all.
    Crispin - At first I saw Crispix like the cereal. Don't like.
    Fielding - To me this is more of a word.
    Griffith - NMS.
    Isidore - NMS.
    Lachlan - Not bad.
    Leo - Like, but I prefer this as a nn for something like Leopold.
    Lorcan - Don't like.
    Lysander - It's ok.
    Malachy - Prefer Malachi. Is it supposed to be the same name? I'd pronounce them differently personally (I'd say Malachy as mal-ih-key vs. mal-ih-kai).
    Morrison - NMS.
    Moss - Don't like at all, but we also used to have Randy Moss on our football team so... lol.
    North - Don't like most word names.
    Oberon - NMS.
    Orpheus - NMS.
    Orson - It's ok. Reminds me of the guy from Desperate Housewives.
    Park - Don't like, but I could get behind Parker. Still NMS but I like it more.
    Percival - Not bad. I like the nn Percy.
    Placido - Too close to placebo for me.
    Prescott - It's ok.
    Redmond - NMS.
    Romulus - Don't like.
    Stellan - Don't like.
    Thornton - NMS.
    Vaughn - It's ok.
    Zebulon - Don't like.

    Sorry if it seems like I'm tearing your names apart, we just have really different styles!
    Top 10 girl's names: Serena * Audrey * Sienna * Bridget * Lucy * Hazel * Cordelia * Josephine * Claire * Alice
    Top 10 boy's names: Elliott * Callum * Theodore * Emmett * Nolan * Ian * Blake * Brennan * Adrian * Everett

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    Adira: My brain just hears "a deer, huh?"
    Albany: There are better place names, this one feels very masculine to me. Albert, Albus.
    Amabel: Similar to Adira, Amabel always sounds like "a Mabel," in which case Mabel would be preferable.
    Amoret: I love "et" and "ret" endings, though the "amor" prefix feels a little cheesy.
    Anais: LOVE Anais, though I prefer Anaïs.
    Anouk: I really like Anouk, as well as Annika which has a similar feel to me.
    Ariadne: Ariadne is so interesting, quirky and elegant at the same time. Very glad it didn't take off after Inception.
    Aurelia: Love. Also like Aurelie a lot.
    Bronwen: Adore Bronwen. It's a bit tomboyish, which is to my taste but not everyone's. I've known only one and she was the sweetest woman.
    Caia: I like it a lot, but would prefer as a nickname. I knew a Kaya in high school.
    Celeste: It may just be personal association, but I dislike Celeste... I picture someone whose sloppiness doesn't measure up to the elegance of the name.
    Ceridwen: Clunky.
    Circe: I should like this name, but never have. It sounds too much like Percy. I do like Cersei, but as far as I can tell it is made up, depending on your definition of "made up" (used in Game of Thrones).
    Cornelia: prefer Cordelia, but both rub me a bit the wrong way.
    Elaine: Feels dated, likely because of the Seinfeld association. I like Eleni and Elena.
    Elspeth: Love <3
    Fleur: Both Fleur and Flora rub me the wrong way, in a similar way. Simultaneously frilly and abrupt.
    Florence: Nightingale. It's a personal dislike, I think, a very subjective one. Not a fan.
    Ginevra: I love this. Familiar, easy to pronounce, but evokes ancient and far-away imagery. Nev would be a great nickname.
    Henrietta: While it's too frilly for my own usage, I actually still LOVE Henrietta, as well as Henriette and the nickname Etta. Slightly prefer Harriet.
    Honor: To me, this has always seemed to much for a person to carry. Similar to Hero in my mind.
    Ione: Love, as well as the nn Io.
    Isolde: Love love love love love love love love. Can I suggest Ginevra Isolde?
    Katharine: Hard to fault a classic! Though I personally prefer the Catherine spelling.
    Elizabeth nn Lilibet: adore Lilibet
    Leonie: I love Leonie! So underused.
    Lux: I just can't appreciate this one. It's just about as literal "luxury name" as you can get.
    Mireille: I think this is a fantastic name. Mireille Enos is my only association. Likely difficult to pronounce for most, though... excellent modernization/alternative to Michelle and Melissa.
    Saskia: Spunky and cute to the max... perhaps a bit too far even for me :P most of what I hear is "sass."
    Vera: I've been trying with Vera, but I think it will remain old lady for me.
    Veronica: Yes and no. I'm so split on this one. I prefer other V names.


    Asa: I liked Asa for awhile, then I saw someone point out "ass-uh" and I couldn't see/hear anything else.
    Balthazar: Too much.
    Barnaby: Simultaneously haughty and dorky.
    Breccan: I've only seen Breckin before, and I prefer your spelling.
    Calix: Sounds very near-future scifi.
    Crispin: All I hear is the "crisp" part, and it just doesn't appeal. Caspian?
    Fielding: To me, this is one that should stay in surname land.
    Griffith: Prefer Griffin, Griffith is too surnamey to me.
    Isidore: I'm split on this one, it feels feminine because of the popularity of Isa- names. Shame, as it has that elusive soft-yet-strong quality.
    Lachlan: too surnamey, but I would appreciate meeting one.
    Leo: Popular classic, hard to go wrong
    Lorcan: Feels like a fantasy novel antagonist.
    Lysander: Adore. Especially like the nickname Ly (despite the soundalike "lye").
    Malachy: Prefer Malachi myself, but that's a personal preference. The -i ending feels slightly more feminine.
    Morrison: too surnamey.
    Moss: better as a middle, but otherwise I like the idea.
    North: I'm having trouble forming an opinion!
    Orpheus: Morpheus. Skip.
    Orson: Too old-man.
    Park: Parker. I can see Park.
    Percival: Really, really dislike Percival. It's been used for far too long as a character name for slimy little (literally, short) jerky boy-men.
    Placido: too much name!
    Prescott: My first association was Prescott Pharmaceuticals (anyone? anyone?). I can see it, but has an air of haughty-upper-crust old-money, a la Preston. A city in Arizona.
    Redmond: I have family in Seattle, so all I can think of is the city (and then Microsoft...)
    Romulus: Toooooo much. I can se justifying it if it has personal meaning, but the nickname Rom would be a necessity. And better hope he's not a Star Trek fan.
    Stellan: Like it a lot, much better than Stella on a woman.
    Thornton: I can see it.
    Vaughn: Like Vaughn as well as Vaughan.
    Zebulon: Clunky, has religious overtones.

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    Here's my favorites:

    Names for the lovely lady:

    Ariadne -- when pronounced the proper Greek way - air-ee-ad-nee
    Caia -- lovely sound
    Ceridwen -- beautiful and love the mythology
    Cornelia -- so beautiful and I wish it would be used more
    Isolde -- I've loved it forever!

    And for the dashing gentleman:

    Barnaby -- I find it at once adorable and handsome
    Breccan -- I know a lovely Breccan and I think it's so cool
    Isidore -- I know a Hyperion Isidore who goes by his middle sometimes and Izzy and I love it
    Lachlan -- Love the sound
    Lysander -- Love the mythology and Shakespeare connections and the sound is cool and handsome
    Oberon -- Love the Shakespeare connection and the meaning. The sound is very cool
    Orpheus -- adore the mythology and the love he showed
    Percival -- adore! So heroic and gorgeous
    Vaughn -- very handsome and I used to love it a lot -- My Amazon Author Page

    Represented by:

    Proud Mama to:
    Persephone Elysia Willow -- June 5th, 2013
    Amelia Lorien Sophia -- December 2015.

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