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    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Here’s which I think are usable (as first names, most could be good middles):


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    Names for the lovely lady:
    Adira- beautiful, easy to spell and pronounce but still somewhat exotic
    Albany- Ok, I love the image it has, but not so much the sound
    Amabel- LOVE, such a soft sound
    Amoret- Cute and romantic
    Anais- Not my favorite, not bad, but not my favorite..
    Anouk- I love the meaning, but I don't love the sound
    Ariadne- LOVE, classical, yet not used very often
    Aurelia- Good name, not my style
    Bronwen- Not my style
    Caia- Good name but blends in with all the Callies/Kaylees/Kyra/Kylie/Kelly/Cara/Carrie etc...
    Celeste- I've warmed up to this name recently
    Ceridwen- Another one where I love the meaning and but not the sound
    Circe- Not my favorite
    Cornelia- Love it, quirky, kind of awkward but still cool some how
    Elaine- Eh, feels a little dated to me
    Elspeth- Not my favorite, it's awkward for me to say
    Fleur- I like it, for me I would prefer it as a middle name
    Florence- LOVE! Love the historical background and the tie to the city
    Ginevra- Ok, again not my favorite sound
    Henrietta- LOVE!! Love the sound, the old fashion vintage charm
    Honor- Good name, love the meaning and the image
    Ione- Again don't like the way it sounds..
    Isolde- This is one of those where I don't really like the sound, but the history and story behind it makes me love it
    Katharine- Prefer this one spelt Catherine
    Elizabeth nn Lilibet- Elizabeth is ok but the nn Lilibet is adorable!
    Leonie- Love, easy to spell and pronounce yet underused
    Lux- prefer it as a nn or middle name
    Mireille- LOVE this one, but would be hard for an american kid to pull of with it's pronunciation issues
    Saskia- not my favorite
    Vera- LOVE, under used, kinda spunky, easy to spell and pronounce
    Veronica- eh, ok not my favorite

    And for the dashing gentleman:
    Asa- LOVE though might be a little hard for an american boy to pull off
    Balthazar- too heavy for me, but ok
    Barnaby- LOVE the spunkiness of this name, but hate Barney, Abe though would be cute
    Breccan- Don't like, makes me think of brackish, like brackish water
    Calix- LOVE
    Crispin- LOVE
    Fielding- LOVE
    Griffith- prefer Griffin
    Isidore- I like in theory but I don't think I would like it on a real baby
    Lachlan- I go back and forth on this one, sometimes I like it sometimes I don't
    Leo- LOVE but I prefer it as a nickname
    Lorcan- don't like
    Lysander- again I like in theory but I don't think I would like it on a real baby
    Malachy- prefer Malachi, makes the pronunciation more clear
    Morrison- Good name, don't know if I would like Morry
    Moss- maybe as a middle name
    North- LOVE
    Oberon- again maybe as a middle name, love the shakespeare connection but would be hard for a kid to pull off
    Orpheus- see above
    Orson- LOVE
    Park- prefer it as a nickname for Parker
    Percival- I go back and forth on this one, I like it but worry it would be hard to pull off
    Placido- don't like, makes me think of Placebo
    Prescott- LOVE
    Redmond- ok
    Romulus- prefer it as a middle name
    Stellan- ok
    Thornton- not my style
    Vaughn- ok
    Zebulon- ok, I know it's biblical but it gives me a space agey vibe
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    ~ Ariadne - My favourite from your list
    ~ Florence - Like the nickname 'Flo'
    ~ Katharine - Prefer it spelt 'Kathryn', like the nickname 'Katie' and 'Kate'
    ~ Fleur - Not 100% keen on the pronunciation in some accents
    ~ Honor - Prefer it spelt 'Honour' as I'm from the UK!
    ~ Adira - Pretty but think it could sound like "oh dear"
    ~ Anouk - Lovely meaning but not very feminine
    ~ Caia - Could have spelling issues
    ~ Celeste - Pretty
    ~ Ione - Again, could have spelling issues

    ~ Leo - Simple and sweet
    ~ Moss - Okay as a middle name

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