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    American Supreme Court Justice Names

    I have been taking Constitutional law recently so excuse me if this is only of interest to me, but I have found the names of the Supreme Court Justices very interesting of late. Their names are VERY Anglo-Saxon and very classic but there are some surprises in the bunch, names that are over the top with splendor (I'm looking at you Lucius Quintus Cinciannatus Lamar), some that are just weird (who names their baby Salmon?), some that sound very modern (Owen and Wiley) and a LOT of great surnames (firstnames Smith and Potter).

    Here is a list of all the justices:here. I would love to hear which ones people think are usable or if they inspire anything. Contrary to my impression, not all 19th century American men were named James and John.

    Most of them are male of course, so I thought I'd post here (Although I think Sonia and Elena are amazing names, Ruth and Sandra are less interesting, though Day is an interesting middle).
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    I like George, Lucius and Arthur. I also like Antonin. It's awkward but interesting. Or maybe I'm just biased because of the bearer, heh.

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    Felix. Felix Frankfurter always comes up when I do a search on that name we are considering.

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    I thought the list was of current ones! Here are my favourites (quirky, dashing and plain weird):

    Bushrod Washington
    Peter Vivian Daniel
    Philip Pendleton Barbour
    Ward Hunt
    Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar
    Melville Fuller
    Rufus Wheeler Peckham
    Horace Harmon Lurton
    Hugo Black
    Felix Frankfurter
    Wiley Blount Rutledge
    Sherman Minton
    Thurgood Marshall
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