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    hopefully my final list.....i need help!

    sorry for so many posts but I seriously cannot make up my mind. our 3rd boy is probably coming in the next 2 weeks and we are not any closer to naming him. big brothers are Dash and Mack. I like easy to say and spell names and prefer names not in the top 200. Our list today....

    Jesse Risk P
    Decker (Dex) Scout P.
    Dex Campbell P.
    Cruz Campbell P.
    Van Indiana P.
    Beckett Risk P.

    I am seriously feeling like this baby is supposed to be named Dex and came across the name Decker today....and i think I like it. wdyt? My DH is leaning toward Jesse but i am getting bothered by hearing Jess, Jessie, Jesse all the time whenever i turn on the TV. I think I might regret naming him that even though I do like it.

    Big brothers have white blonde hair and blue eyes...which name do you think would fit the best?

    Thanks again.

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    I think that I prefer the name Dex out of your choices, but I like Dexter better. Perhaps you could name him Dexter Scout and call him Dex? I agree with you that Jesse is getting a little too popular, and I also think that it doesn't quite fit with Dash and Mack. The 'ck' in Mack and the 'ck' in Decker make them sound a little too similar for my taste, but I do like Decker by itself. The same goes for Beckett. I think that Cruz and Van would both work well with your other sons' names, but they aren't my personal favorites. Best of luck!

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    I like Van best with Dash and Mack. Jesse seems a bit dated to me and just really different than his brothers' names. I do also love Beckett but thinking the temptation would be to call him Beck and Mack and Beck seem pretty close. Decker makes me think double-decker. I also think there is a risk that Dex's name will sound like Dash's and Mack's name combined. I think Campbell would make a great first name. Camp would be an endearing nickname.
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    From your list I would choose Decker or Dex. I think they sound the best with your other boy's names. Jesse is way too popular in my opinion and it seems like here lately there are a lot of little girl Jesse's running around too.

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    Dash, Dex/Decker, and Mack seem a bit too similar to me...I also agree that Beck and Mack are a bit matchy and that Jesse feels a bit dated (though I think of Full House's Uncle Jesse and still swoon a little!). I like Van and Cruz best, but prefer Van because Cruz feels trendy and on the rise where Van is just cool and underused. I like that it doesn't share sounds with the other names, too. I think Crew, Gray, and Vaughn would be nice with Mack and Dash, too.

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