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    Floating a name for baby boy: LEO

    I have found it really useful to get gut reactions and feedback on some of our name ideas so far. Some connotations that everyone else knows (Im not from the US but live here) I never knew!

    I would love some responses to the name LEO. We are doing the English two middle names to honor our two fathers. So it would be:

    Leo Paul James.

    We have had to avoid one-syllable first names as a result.

    Due in July 2013!

    Girl names: Theodora, Talitha, Hope, Elizabeth, Annabelle

    Boy names: Finn, West, Elijah, Gabriel, Archer, Christian, Dashiell, Titus

    Daughters I already have: Grace Anne Christobel and Lilia Ruth Evangeline

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    Hmmm, I like the name Leo, but find it a just a bit similar-sounding to the name of your daughter, Lilia. If you're looking for a multi-syllable name, that goes with Grace and Lilia, I'd vote for Gabriel or Christian.

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    I like Leo a lot. I find it handsome and I love the meaning of it. It might be a bit too similar to Lilia like the pp says.

    I love Elijah, Gabriel and Archer from your list. I like Finn and West as well, although I prefer them as nicknames.
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