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    Needing help with name combinations and eliminating some names please...!

    Hey Berries...

    We are really stuck and are needing some help cutting down this list and also with name combinations please. I do like double middle names but that's not really a must. We've put some names below that we like but feel free to add your own suggestions/

    First Names
    Amelia (nn Millie), Clara, Claudia, Eleanor(Ella), Eleanora (Ella or Nora), Elodie(Ella), Isla, Imogen, Lola, Madeleine/Madelyn (nn Maisy), Madeline(nn Maisy), Misha, Sophia

    Middle Names:
    Ann, Bronte, Christine, Claire, Chloe, Colette, Cosette, Charlotte, Daisy, Eloise, Lily, Juliet, Julia, Keira, Olivia, Mae, Madeleine/Madelyn, Madeline, Scarlett, Renee, Rose, Talia

    First Names:
    Oliver, Charlie, Charles, Bailey, William, Kirk, Hayden, Riley, Edward, Keiran,

    Middle Names:
    James, John, Trevor, Jeffrey, Thomas, Charles, Kirk, Keiran, Hayden, Edward, William, Jack,

    Thank you so much

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    Out of your list I really like:

    Amelia Rose
    Eleanor Colette
    Isla Claire
    Imogen Scarlett or Imogen Mae

    Oliver James
    William Thomas
    Keiran Jack

    I hope that helps!

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    Thank you, love some of your suggestions. Especially Isla Claire and Keiran Jack

    Would love to hear some more suggestions berries!

    Best Wishes x

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    I also really like Oliver James

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