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    Lightbulb No name for new baby!

    We're really struggling with a boy name for a baby due in a month! I need some input as none of our combinations really speak to me.

    Here are the first names we're considering: Theodore (Teddy), Fulton, Becket, Ezekiel (Zeke)
    Middle names: Any of the first names we don't use plus the traditional Michael, Thomas, Joseph, Matthew, James, Zachary (my husband's name), or any Old Testament names.

    Our first 3 kids all have 3 names, Mary-Therese Assisi, John Peter Elijah (Jack), Mary-Felicity Benedicta (we just call her Felicity). We'd like this baby to also have 3 names. The girl name we have picked out is Mary-Zelie Kathleen.

    Our last name is Prewett, and I'm wondering if the T sound at the end of Becket is too harsh with the ending T in Prewett.

    Also, My husband goes by Zach and my son is Jack... sometimes confusing since they sound alike. Would it be unfortunate to add a Zeke to the group? Zach/Zeke, Zach/Jack...

    I'm also willing to hear any other suggestions!

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    I like the sound of Theodore Joseph James.

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    I'm not a fan of Becket and Fulton with your other kids fitst names and agree the ending of becket doesn't sound as good with your last name.
    But I love Theodore and Ezekiel!

    Theodore Fulton James
    Ezekiel Thomas James
    Theodore Zachary James

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    I do think Becket Prewett sounds weird; the endings are too similar. I also agree that Jack, Zach, and Zeke would add to the mayhem. Since you have so many good choices, I think you're safe scratching both of those from the FN list. Fulton seems very surnamey compared with all your other more traditional, saint- or Bible-related choices. I think Theodore best aligns with the other kids' styles, and Teddy is so sweet!

    Theodore Joseph James is a nice suggestion. I also think that these (from your list and my own ideas) sound nice:
    Theodore Fulton James
    Theodore Michael Asa
    Theodore Levi James
    Theodore Caleb Paul
    Theodore Micah Fulton or Theodore Michael Fulton
    Theodore Gideon James
    Theodore Isaac James
    Peter Zachary James
    Eli Andrew James or Elijah Andrew James or Elias Andrew Jude
    Ethan Matthew Thomas
    Davis Michael James (I think that Davis has Fulton's surname feel, but so similar to Biblical David that it blends well into the subset)
    Alban Zachary James (cool saint name with nn Al, Abe)
    Adrian Ezekiel James (another saint name)
    Aaron Theodore James
    Asa Fulton Michael
    Nathaniel Seth Fulton (nn Nate, Nat)

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    Fulton is after Fulton Sheen, an "almost" saint in the Catholic Church. Does that change any perspectives?

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