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Thread: Honoring Susan

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    Honoring Susan

    I would like to honor my mom, Susan, should we have another girl someday. She's not overly fond of her name but it goes back as many generations as I can track and I want to maintain that tradition in some form. I would use it in the middle name spot but was thinking of going with Sue since both my girls have one syllable middles (Rose and Joy... Both names that honor family). Sounds like a no brainer, right? It was , until my husband informed me that he can't stand the name Sue! It's a bad association for him. He doesn't think of my mom as Sue, since he calls her mom, his mind does not go to her. So here is the challenge... Finding a one syllable name to honor Susan that is not Sue.
    Or, should I break the one syllable rule and go with something like Susannah if I can get hubby on board? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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    I suppose Ann or a mispronounced Sanne/Zanne would work as one syllable. But I would probably break the one-syllable habit in favor of keeping the real tradition of honoring family (particularly in a way that you both like). Suzanne, Susannah, Sukey, Suzette, or the original are all fun and pretty.

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    You could spell it differently to make him think of it in a new way? Sioux is pronounced Sue.

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    If your mom doesn't like Susan much, would she still feel honoured by your using it? If I didn't like my name I don't think I'd want it passed on. One suggestion is to get her to choose another name, preferably a family name, that she loves- she would feel honoured that you let her help make such an important decision.

    I like the idea of keeping to one-syllable middles. It sounds a bit nicknamey, but what about Suze? Or perhaps you could use the longer Susan variant as a first, if you find one you love enough.
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    I agree that if she doesn't like her name, it's not the best way to honor her. What's her favorite flower? What month was she born? Talk to her and see what she would like maybe? My mom is also not fond of her name, but her favorite flower is the jonquil. She would be thrilled if I gave a daughter the middle name Jonquil. Not so much if I gave her the middle name Sheron.
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