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    1. You’re 22, & just out of college. Your name is Michelle Josie Levas "Chelle".
    2. You get an interview to be a fashion designer.
    3. 2 weeks later you get a call saying that you got the job. On your first day you meet your hot coworker. His name is Benjamin Andrew Davis "Benny".
    4. After a month of working there he asks you out. You go to the park.
    5. Your date goes great & soon you to are dating. 2 years later, & on your birthday, he gets you a kitten. You name her Delphi.
    6. A year later he proposes, what does the ring look like?
    7. About a year after you get married you have a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Elizabeth Laura Anne "Lizzie".
    8. Another year later you have another kid, this time it’s a boy. His name is Malachi Robin "Mac"
    9. 3 years later, for your daughters 4th birthday you get her a puppy. She names him Oakley.
    10. 3 years later you’re pregnant again, this time unplanned. You find out that you’re having twins!! Identical girls! You & you’re husband decide that their 1st & middle initials should be flipped. Their initials are A.M & M.A .
    11. Their names are Anna Michelle & Mary Amelia.
    12. For your son’s 10th birthday you get him a double yellow headed amazon parrot. Mac names her Oona.
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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