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    1. You’re 22, & just out of college. Your name is Zoe Genevieve Daniels.

    2. You get an interview to be an Editor.

    3. 2 weeks later you get a call saying that you got the job. On your first day you meet your hot coworker. His name is Graham Elliot Christian.

    4. After a month of working there he asks you out. You go out to lunch.

    5. Your date goes great & soon you two are dating. 2 years later, & on your birthday, he gets you a kitten. You name her Delphi.

    6. A year later he proposes, what does the ring look like?

    7. About a year after you get married you have a beautiful baby girl. Her name is elegant, and long (at least 7 letters). What’s her name? Penelope June Christian

    8. Another year later you have another kid, this time it’s a boy. You give him a name with a shorter nickname. What’s his name? Samuel Timothy "Sam" Christian

    9. 3 years later, for your daughters 4th birthday you get her a puppy. She names him Oakley.

    10. 3 years later you’re pregnant again, this time unplanned. You find out that you’re having twins!! Identical girls! You & your husband decide that their 1st & middle initials should be flipped.
    Their initials: A.M. and M.A.

    11. What are their names? Alice Miriam Christian and Maeve Amelia Christian

    12. For your son’s 10th birthday you get him a double yellow headed amazon parrot. What does your son name it? Hampton

    Graham and Zoe Christian with their beautiful children Penelope, Sam, Alice, and Maeve, and their pets Delphi, Oakley, and Hampton
    19 year old name addict

    Alice, Amelie, Eleanor, Elodie, Eloise, Esme, Eve, Felicity, Imogen, Ivy, June, Maeve, Olive, Phoebe, Violet
    Dashiell, Declan, Elliot, Everett, Ezra, Felix, Finn, Henry, Hugo, Isaac, Jasper, Jude, Luke, Oliver, Samuel

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