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    Long Name Game!

    You are twenty-six years old and your name is (1) _____ _______ _______ (you can make it up if you want). You live in (2)___ (choose an option):
    A) Irving, Texas.
    B) Phoenix, Arizona.
    C) Oakland, California.
    D) Tampa, Florida.

    You work as a (3)__________ (your dream job). One day during a storm, a man shows up at your doorstep, looking cold and drenched. He introduces himself as (4) ______ ______ _______ and asks to use your phone. Thinking that he’s rather cute, you let him inside. While he waits for his ride, you get to know more about him. He looks like (5)____ (choose an option):

    Before he leaves, he asks you to coffee the next day. You agree, and the date goes well. After you date for 6 months, he surprises you with a trip to (6)___ (choose an option):
    A) Vienna, Austria.
    B) Zurich, Switzerland.
    C) Auckland, New Zealand.
    D) Munich, Germany.

    On the last day of your vacation, he has another surprise for you just before you board the plane home– a diamond ring! What does the ring look like? (7)_________ (choose an option):

    After 8 months of planning, you finally get married in (8)________ (city, state, or country) on (9)____ __ (month, day). You honeymoon in (10)____ (choose an option):
    A) Vancouver, Canada.
    B) Sydney, Australia.
    C) Bern, Switzerland.
    D) Copenhagen, Denmark.

    After you get home, you discover that you are pregnant! 9 months later, you give birth to a lovely baby girl. Her first name is all yours, but her middle name has to be nature-related. Her name is (11) ________ ________ _______ (first, middle, last).

    4 years later, your daughter is begging for another baby in the house. You and your husband give in and you are pregnant again, this time with a baby boy! His first name must be after father, the middle after your husband. Your baby boy is (12) _______ ________ ________.

    3 years later, you read an article on adoption and it gets you thinking. You talk to your husband and you agree to adopt a baby from (13)________ (your answer for number 10). You adopt a beautiful baby (14)_____ (boy or girl). The first name has to be a virtue name, the middle name is from the child’s native country. His or her name is (15) __________ __________ __________.

    2 years pass and you are pregnant–again! This time with identical girls. Their initials must be yours and your husband’s. Their names are (16) _______ ________ _______ and ________ _________ _______.

    You feel that your house is cramped and move into a new house in (18)___________.
    A) Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
    B) Chandler, Arizona.
    C) Reno, Nevada.
    D) Kansas City, Missouri.

    Only a year later, you are pregnant one last time, with a little girl. Her initials are (19)____ (choose an option):
    A) O.C.
    B) L.A.
    C) R.K.
    D) P.M.
    Her name is (19)________ ________ __________.

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