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    I can't find a twin name for Harper, should i let it go

    Hi there,
    Though we have not found out the the babies genders i have been trying to compile a list.

    I have had my heart set on Harper (g) since before i was even pregnant again and very early on in my current pregnancy. However since finding out i have double trouble on the way i haven't been able to find a twin first name to go with Harper, boy or girl options.
    So my question is should i let the name go?

    I still like the name, just maybe not in a multiple set.

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    If you "have your heart set on it," I'd certainly use it~ Surely the twin name will come to you-

    Have your tried- boy- Sutton, Paxton, Sullivan, Rigdon, Ramsey, Lawson, Adler, Graham or -girl- Brinn, Adaire, Greer, Rowan, Ellery, Emerson, Landry?

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    Oh, I think there are tons of great names that go with Harper! Unless you want twin names that are super matchy, I don't see that naming a twin would be much different from naming a sibling down the line, so I don't think saving the name for a solo child later would help (or be necessary). I just think that having the whole (potential) sibset work together is nice. So how about these? Some are repeated between the boy and girl names because they're unisex

    GIRLS: I would aim for a more modern unisex option, though there are plenty of overtly feminine names that work well!
    Harper & Camden or Campbell (nn Cam or Bell)
    Harper & Piper
    Harper & Delaney
    Harper & Monroe
    Harper & Winslow (nn Winnie or Lola)
    Harper & Waverly
    Harper & Blakely
    Harper & Auden/Aubrey/Audrey
    Harper & Amory
    Harper & Bellamy
    Harper & Carlin
    Harper & Lisle (prn. Lyle)
    Harper & Connolly or Connelly (nn Connie or Nola or Nell)
    Harper & Tamsin
    Harper & Embry or Ellery
    Harper & Gabrielle
    Harper & Gemma or Jessa
    Harper & Leighton
    Harper & Rory
    Harper & Reese
    Harper & Stella
    Harper & Teagan
    Harper & Ariel
    Harper & Lane
    Harper & Sloane

    BOYS: I think the surnames work really well, but almost any name but the highly traditional works.
    Harper & Camden or Cameron
    Harper & Bryce
    Harper & Bowen (nn Bo)
    Harper & Garrett or Garrison
    Harper & Lachlan
    Harper & Monroe
    Harper & Beacon/Beacan
    Harper & Austen
    Harper & Channing or Banning
    Harper & Gray/Grey
    Harper & Declan
    Harper & Macon
    Harper & Easton
    Harper & Miles or Milo
    Harper & Rory
    Harper & Lane
    Harper & Reid
    Harper & Stellen/Stellan
    Harper & Tatum or Tate
    Harper & Trace
    Harper & Drew or Andrew
    Harper & Tristan
    Harper & Wade
    Harper & Whittaker (nn Whit)

    I don't know what else is on your list, but I bet that things go together with Harper better than you think!

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    Thanks for all the ideas.
    I think the reason i can't find a name to go with Harper is because Harper is kind of unique on my list. Its a unisex name but it is the only unisex girl name that i like. I tend to like other girly names with vowels A or E and hubby likes girls names with L's or S's. So we both gravitate towards feminine names apart from Harper.

    All the suggestions match Harper perfectly but there not quite for us.

    So this is why I'm thinking to just let it go.

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