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    Joseph Arthur or Joseph other "A" middle name

    We found out yesterday that we are having a little boy, joining siblings Noah and Eliana. We will call him Joseph. His grandfather is Jerry Arthur and we are considering Joseph Arthur. What do you think of the combo? Alternatively we would like another A name in the middle so he would have the same initials as my Father- in- Law. My other children both have family middles William and Beatrice so thats also a consideration.
    Noah William-Joseph Arthur-Ethan James

    Eliana Beatrice***Abigail ***

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    I think Joseph Arthur is very dashing and would honor a grandfather very well. However, if you wanted other A-names here are some I like:

    Joseph Augustin
    Joseph Ambrose
    Joseph Asher
    Joseph Adrian
    Joseph Archer
    Melissa, Mama to Oscar Leopold.
    Little Sparkler coming next July.

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    I personally think that Joseph Arthur is extremely gorgeous. I also like that it is honouring a family member.

    Joseph Adam
    Joseph Archer
    Joseph Alexander
    Joseph Aaron
    Joseph Abraham
    Joseph Acker
    Joseph Aiden
    Joseph Adney
    Joseph Ajax
    Joseph Allan
    Joseph Alasdair
    Joseph Albion
    Joseph Aldridge
    Joseph Aldwin
    Mummy to three handsome little men.

    Caleb James
    Noah Alexander
    Thomas Connor

    Expecting our fourth baby at the beginning of October.

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    Agreed with PP. Joseph Arthur is handsome, as are your other children’s names. Other JA combos:

    Joseph Aaron
    Joseph Austin
    Joseph Alastair
    Joseph Anthony
    Joseph Andrew
    Joseph Augustus
    Joseph Asa

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