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    Question Thoughts on Dante Amari?

    Coming up with my daughter's name 10 years ago was so easy and I never had any doubts. I named her Airam, after me. I loved it and never second guessed it... Fast forward to now, I am having a boy and have not only second guessed but triple and quintet guessed. Lol

    If Airam had been a boy, she would have been Vincent Alexander, and I thought for sure that is what I wanted to name my boy now that I am having one, but I feel like there are just so many other better names out there now... My daughter LOVES the name Dante for her little brother, and I like it as well, so it has been at the top of my list with intent to use, but I just can't bring myself to commit to it... I really like the name Vincenzo for a twist on Vincent, but would pronounce it without the accent so that it sounds like it looks but then worried that would be a burden for him.

    I was also liking Francisco, Franco (my dad's and grandfather's names are both Frank), Damian or Damon and Henrick (when I found out he was indeed a boy, Henry is the first name that came to mind, but I hate that it is rising in popularity).

    I am set on the middle name of Amari and his last name will be Nuñez. I just want a good name for my boy, nothing popular but nothing too out there either. It has to have a suitable meaning behind it and flow with the middle and last name... Does Dante do the trick or am I passing up something even better? Insight from others in the nameberry community might be just what I need to be sure... At least that is what I am hoping for as baby is due any day now!

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    I love Dante Amari.

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    I also love the sound of Dante Amari. Dante isn't too popular and goes nice with Airam.

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    I like Dante! Before I read your post, I was actually going to suggest Damian or Damon as good, obviously those get my vote too! I think Damian Amari sounds GREAT.

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    I love Dante! DH isn't so keen, I suggested it when I was pregnant with my first I wish he was, I would totally use it. Great name, Dante Amari flows well!

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