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    Otto: Very cute, I like this
    Sygnus: I hear "sickness"
    Guyas: I really don't like this one..sounds made up..nickname guy is awful
    Calvin: I really like this one, just not the meaning...
    Caius: Much better than Guyas in my opinion; different, Cai as a nickname is great too!

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    I like Calvin and Otto
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    Calvin - Reminds me of Klein.
    Cygnus (Sig-nus) - NO. Sounds like sickness.
    Otto - German classic. Strong and handsome.
    Caius (Kye-us) - no too bad. like the nn. Kai. There may be pronunciation problems.
    Gaius (guy-us) - NO. Sounds like gay.
    Leif (leaf or layf) - Means nice/lion in my language. The name is strong and handsome. The simpler/trendier version is Levi.


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    I like Calvin, Caius and Leif best, followed by Otto. The others have a 'yucky' sound to them IMO.
    What about Egan or Ewan?

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    Of these names, I like Otto, Leif, and Calvin the best. My problem with Gaius is simply that people may not understand how it should be pronounced and they may pronounce it 'Gay-us,' which does not carry the best connotation, as much as I hate to admit that. I like Caius fine, but something to consider is that it was a name used in Twilight so I don't personally find it usable right now because it seems as though you're "jumping on the bandwagon." Lastly, Cygnus does kind of sound like sickness when said quickly and it seems like a name that kids could make fun of easily, so I would recommend a name similar to it.

    Hope that's helpful! And good luck with your little guy
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