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    Most definitely chic! Jane has always been one of my favorites. The only reason people think of it as plain is that it rhymes with the word plain, so that association has stuck. The length reservation I wouldn't worry about, as the simplicity of Jane is one of its selling points and you can always use the adorable nicknames Janie and Jenny to make it longer. I have Jane Seraphina on my list - I like the long, elaborate middle name with the short and to the point first name. The only of your concerns that I would worry about is what to name other siblings. Jane, to me, is one of those names that is so classic that it can only go well in a sibset with other mega-classic names like Elizabeth, Katherine, etc. It would work with lots of names like Sarah, Michael, Margaret, etc. but would seem weird with lesser-heard classics like Cordelia. It's still one of my absolute favorites though, especially with the nickname Janie!
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    Chic, in my opinion - in the company of Anne.

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    I really like Jane. I don't think 4 letters is a problem. Plenty of names have 4 (I have sons Paul and Mark) or even 3 letters (think Eli or Ava) Since my toddler is James I guess I'll never get to use Jane in the first name spot. I'm guessing Plain Jane dates from an era when there were many, many Janes. I do think Jane is a much better sister to Alice than Marigold.

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    Oh, Jane!

    Jane will always be classic, feminine, and in-style. Never will it be dated, plain, or too 'simple.' LESS IS MORE. Jane is too the point, strong, just all around lovely. I wouldn't do Mary Jane as its a term for marijuana. I wouldn't use a double-barrel name as I think Jane says enough. Some middle name options:
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    I love Jane. I do think it's plain, especially compared to my other favourites, so I doubt I'd ever use it. But I would love to hear it on someone else. Its charm, as missusaytch said, lies in being short, simple and sweet. And Jane Austen is one of my favourite authors ever (Jane Bennet in P&P is awesome too) which makes me appreciate the name much more.
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