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    You have a fantastic list! My favorites:


    I'd also suggest: Iris, Alice, Edith, Margaret, Cordelia, Lucy, Maeve, Mary, Lydia, Miriam, Audrey, Vera, and Veda.
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    Catherine I like Catherine, and this traditional spelling of it but it's always struck me as a bit plain.
    Juliana Really like it, very pretty name
    Grace Like it, but it's getting overused nowadays, especially as a middle name.
    Amelia Like it.
    Vivienne Love it- a beautiful classic name!
    Caroline If you are pronouncing it Caro-line (rhyming with wine) then I love it!
    Isla I've never been so keen on it, I automatically think of Isla Fisher.
    Charlotte Love it- it's becoming more common nowadays but it's still in my top 10 (and it's one of my middle names so I'm biased!)
    Constance REALLY love it! Not a common name, totally classic and beautiful!
    Felicity Like it- but I don't love it.
    Morgana Don't like it- it sounds too 'dark' to me for some reason.
    Isolde Really, really like it... not sure I love it, but it's definitely unique.
    Guinevere Love it! A beautiful name!
    Isadora REALLY Love it!
    Rosamond Although old fashioned, it's kind of clunky for my taste. I'm not so keen.
    Andromeda Hate it. It makes me think of 'The Andromeda Strain'.
    Mercedes Like it
    Esperanza It's okay, but I'm not in love
    Astrid Really like it, it's cute and unique
    Elisabeth Like it, don't love it
    Georgiana Really love it!
    Genevieve Really love it!
    Evangeline Definitely one of my personal favorites- LOVE it!
    Madeleine It's okay
    Scarlett Really love it!
    Moira Not so keen- it's always struck me as old-ladyish
    Eleanor Like it
    Victoria Like it
    Iona LOVE it
    Avalon Love it!
    Meave Really like it!
    Freya Not so keen
    Jacquetta Ugh, hate it!

    Anyway, that's just my personal opinion You've got some beautiful names on that list!
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    These are my favorites. I am partial to traditional and french names.

    Catherine - a beautiful classic - love the nn's Cate, Cady, and Cat
    Juliana - love this for family reasons....a smoosh of my grandmothers - very romantic
    Grace - my favorite vertue name - you can't go wrong with Grace and I love the nn Gracie
    Amelia - sounds very romantic and feminine
    Felicity - I love the "F" names. This is one of my very favorites...a combination of class, romance, and old world charm
    Mercedes - First of all I love the nn Merci/Mercy - This name sounds rich obviously and full of class
    Elisabeth - I prefer this name with the "z". Elizabeth also has beautiful nn's
    Victoria - again a traditional classic beauty - it reminds me of roses & pearls
    Jacquetta - beautiful french classic...I would love to see this used!

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    Thank you berries this is helping! I forgot to mention I want your personal favorites as well because we want to have about 3 options ready when she comes and then when we see her decide from those three which seems to fit her most! Love your opinions. Your not hurting my feelings!

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    My daughters names are Gabrielle Therese and Taylor Danielle.

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