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Thread: Emrhys

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    Question Emrhys

    I love the name Rhys but all the names we've used have been longer. I came across this name Emrhys and it instantly appealed, it belongs to a number of quite cute male actors.
    I think it morphed from Emrys which is Welsh and the original name of Merlin. I like Emrys but it is pronounced Em riss and I really want to be able to use the nn Rhys.
    Is this too weird? It doesn't even register as a name on nameberry! It fits with our other names though and it's growing on me fast. DH thinks it sounds like we just added Em on to the front of Rhys but I quite like it in it's own form.
    Thoughts? please be kind

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    I would pronounce Emrhys exactly the same as Emrys so if it's pronunciation you'r looking for then it wouldn't work with me because I'd associate it immediately with Emrys. I don't think it matters if Rhys doesn't "fit" with your other names, if you like it then you should go with it. And I partly think your husband is right, it either looks like you've added Em onto Rhys just to suit you, or that you'd changed the spelling of Emrys in the hope to change the pronunciation. Maybe a double first name to make Rhys sound longer, Rhys-Jack, Rhys-Ben, Rhys-Jay?
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    It does have that made up vibe to it, but it might still be usable. I prefer Rhys on its own though. I would pronounce it Em-Reece.
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    I think you could easily nn Emrys Rhys. Emrhys looks a bit more like a medical condition, even if it is currently being given in Wales.
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    Thanks, we are really struggling with names this time and with two to find I'm finding it hard to break the pattern.
    Our boys are
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    I need two more for the twins and am stumped.

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