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    I like the idea of switching the middle names around. Luna and Marina are pretty names. (I'm a little biased - Marina was on my name list when we had our kids.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ariajane View Post
    I like Marina Lyra And Luna Mayla
    This would have been my suggestion as well. It would be cute for the girls to share swapped initials.
    I also agree with Pam. I don't dislike matching initials like MM or LL in a name but it's problematic that the names each sound so similar to each other. Marina Lyra is only one letter longer than Luna Mayla (also I love the y's in both mn's).
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    I actually really like Luna Lyra and Marina Mayla. They are a bit sing songy but that doesn't put me off.
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    Luna Mayla and Marina Lyra is a GREAT idea! Love all four names and wouldn't want to see you have to change names you love just for flow. This helps that problem!

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    Answers to your questions:

    1. No, they're not too matchy, I think they are beautiful together.

    2. Yes, Marina Mayla and Luna Lyra are too sing - songy. Far too much alliteration.

    3.I don't think you can do anything to break them up. It's still obvious.

    4. Swapping them over is a great idea. Luna Mayla and Marina Lyra are both beautiful!

    5. No, you are not crazy.

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