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    Honestly, I really like the name Doris. I think that it could work well as a fn or a mn. If there is another girls name that you like though you could always use a name you like for the fn and use Doris to honor your Grandma as the mn.

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    I'm going to go against the grain here and say that I think Doris has the potential to be just as adorable and spunky as the other retro-vintage names that are popular right now. I think anything with a "dor" sound would work, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenira3 View Post
    Thanks for all the suggestions. I would most likely use it for a middle---saw someone with a similar thread and the suggestion isadora? Too much of a stretch?
    I think Isadora totally work! In fact, it has Doris right in there, lol.

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    I was going to suggest Isadora, but someone beat me too it so I second that! Isadora or Isadore/Isidore (I know Isidore is a boys name, but it's so unused now I think it could safely be worn by a girl) is just Doris mixed up, so I think it would be a sweet way to honor her. If you're going to use Doris on its' own, I would put it in the middle. I also want to honor my grandparents, but I've realized their names might be difficult to live with.... I think your situation is similar.
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    I don't like Doris even a slight bit.. Sorry! Dorothea is a little better, but I'm not really a fan of that either... I think it's a bit TOO dated, and IMO it's not a pretty name even if it weren't so "Old lady-ish'

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