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    Middle names for Lyra?

    I need suggestions, please.

    Our list so far is..

    Lyra Daphne
    Lyra Eleanor
    Lyra Elspeth
    Lyra Charlotte
    Lyra Amelie
    Lyra Margaret
    Lyra Juniper
    Lyra Evelyn

    Last name starts with a P so nothing that starts with that and my daughters middle name is Lucille, so no variant of that.

    I need more options, Please and thank you

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    I like Lyra Juniper

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    I like Lyra Daphne.

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    This is one of the only non-traditional names on this site that I've seen that I LOVE. Lyra sounds like a great name. Are you pronouncing it Lee-ra or Leye-ra?

    Lyra Fidele (my personal fave)
    Lyra Elyse
    Lyra Nicole
    Lyra Charlotte sounds good
    Lyra Brynne
    Lyra Adele
    Lyra Brooke
    Lyra Harmony
    Lyra Cosette
    Lyra Alexandra
    Lyra Shae
    Lyra Kate
    Lyra Annette
    Lyra Kay
    Lyra Michelle

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    Daphne is beautiful but it doesn't sound right with Lyra. Not a very good flow.

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