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    Need a "pen name"

    Hi! New to this Forum!

    Here's the story: I love to write, and mostly do it for myself. However, lately I have decided to start submitting articles to (If you don't know what this is, check it out. Caution: reserve hours for this website). For the most part, thought catalog is full of quippy, short articles written by anyone (though they must pass the editors to be published on the site.) I have yet to submit any of my articles, but I plan on it soon. Most of them are funny and contain some content that I don't want associated with my real name. I am a college student, soon to be applying for grad school. The last thing I want the admissions officers to see is an article of mine referencing inappropriate things- even if it is all for the sake of humor.

    SO! Long story short, I want a pen name to use! I'd rather not use any of the names on my list, because then I'll feel as though they're tainted for future use on children.

    Suggest away- nothing too "whimsical" or outlandish, as I need to seem like a real person on this website! First and Last name necessary!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hmm, firsts: Fallon, Marilyn, Logan, Harper, Piper, Tamsin, Terra, Kenna, Kimbra, Sheridan, Brooke, Jade, Skye.

    Surnames: Stone, Shore, Brooke, Brooks, Shields, Fields, Hansen.

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    I also like the LN Adair.

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