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    When you novel, do you 'theme' name?

    As in, do you consciously make an effort for names to 'sound' right together, or do you only worry that the name fits the individual character? I personally like to have all the names in the same basic family of style, particularly if the characters belong to the same group or family.
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    Yes, I do. I give entirely too much thought (ok maybe that's not possible :P) to the names of my characters. Siblings get names that go well together, just as I'd do with my hypothetical real-life children. And if I name a character a certain name but can't think of names to go with it for siblings, I change the story instead of the name (usually). Almost always works out better in the end when I do that lol
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    I want my characters' names to make sense and feel natural and "right" for who they are. If they're part of a family or close-knit group, that often does mean making sure they go together. I don't always go that route, though. In my current story, there are 4 siblings, 3 of whom were all born in the 70s within a few years of each other. The 4th was a Surprise!Baby who came a decade later. Trends had changed, her parents' tastes had changed...she was born into a different family than the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd baby. It makes sense that her name is a little out of step with her sisters' and brother's names. As long as there's a reason for the disparity, it doesn't bother me if the names don't go together. Sometimes it can be used to good effect, like Veronica in "Heathers."
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    In a sense, you really have to. If you paid no attention to names working well together you could have a story filled with Bob and Esquevaral and Mitzy and S'havar'en and Lotus-- which would be insane and hard to follow.

    Unless there's a specific reason for the names to not "fit" (a gang of misfit circus characters fighting for their rights against of group of lawyers,etc.) I think it's always a good idea.

    It does bother me a bit when authors get carried away--naming every character something unpronounceable or using such dull placeholder names that it makes me doubt their creative spirit.

    It's a fine balance, but generally if it's all names you personally like (or at least like for the characters) then they'll probably match well enough just because your own preferences will surround them. If you really want to make a statement with names like Rowling or Anthony Trollope or Jasper Fforde -- then that takes a lot more effort, research and patience.
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    I think subconciously I do try to make them all sound right together, but I don't really do it intentionally...I never thought of that before.

    I did name a set of g/g twins Phoenix and Rowan when I was 13.

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