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    I am African american and while I didn't particularly care for that blog post race didn't cross my mind, until I read one of the commenter's post which talked about race even then I didn't think it was racist. What you have said sits more wrong with me, since it seems like race was the first thing on your mind when reading it. From reading your post you assume that "lower class" or whatever people want to call them are commonly used by African american people which is way more unsettling then the original post.
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    right on, dayken. Totally agree with you. It was the hastiness with which she jumped to conclusions that showed where her own thoughts lay.
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    It's called having an opinion, and you're just as entitled to form your own, whether it agrees with NB's or not, as Pam and Linda and anyone else on these forums are. I didn't agree with most of the things that blog said, but I certainly didn't get any racist vibe from it at all, and frankly it's a little strange that issues of racism were the first thing on your mind looking across an objective BLOG post (BLOG - therefore will likely contain personal opinion and stupid to use as 'research') on baby names. It's almost like you're deliberately looking for something to be offended by.

    By all means, disagree with blogs and other peoples' opinions on here, but don't go trying to find something to be insulted by to justify it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uselesskitty View Post
    This is ridiculous. There was nothing racial about that blog. The blog was offensive and ridiculous because it implies that names like Serenity and Bliss are too much to live up to, yet names like Grace and Felicity are perfectly acceptable. It was a stupid blog. It was mean and critical of some really good name choices. It also implied that we shouldn't give our children names that are inspired by anything great. It had nothing to do with race.

    Prejudice and racism is a real problem/issue in our society, but you are imagining that you see it where it doesn't even exist. Go find something real and important to stand up against.

    BTW - my daughter is named Serenity and we are white. I have met two other little girls named Serenity, one was white and one was native. Oddly enough, I have never met a black girl named Serenity.

    Also, as a side not, I come on nameberry often and have never come across any racism. There are a lot of names from different cultures that get talked about on here, and not once did I ever see anybody type something racist. That is one of the things I love about Nameberry. There are a lot of people on here from around the world and a lot of people with different cultural backgrounds. Sometimes threads might be a little bit more hot-button then others, but most of the time people here are really respectful.

    I completely agree here. I don't find people BEING racist - race comes up, but I've never seen anyone say anything that was blatantly racist (or meant to be) in any way.

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    Wow, I am really stunned by this reaction. There is nothing race-related about these names or my analysis of them and in fact I agree with Dayken and Blade that it's kind of racist to see this this subject as racist. I'm further surprised that no one has even mentioned what I started out saying in the blog, that these were all names that had entered the Top 1000 over the past decade, which is why names like Grace, Constance, Joy and so on were not included.
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