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    My last name is young, and if my husband would let me my daughter would be the incredibly optimistic and free-sounding Summer Young :-) (but he says Summer sounds like a blonde who serves your drinks and can't get a real job, smh)

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    Perdita, always sounds so incredible bohemian to me.
    ...dreaming of naming my future first cat.

    today's favorites: Howl, Sherlock, Scheherazade

    (and favorites of the non-pet names: Celia Hermione, Odette, Inigo, Arthur Rooney)

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    Thank you SO much, ellieberry! Your list was amazing

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    I had fun making the list Since it was what you were looking for here is more like those...

    Timo Cicero Atlas Bas Solomon Corin Haven Pompey Sander Cleon Leif Nyx Romeo Ignatius Boaz Truth Venus Pine Canton Loire Puck Azure Glen Leire Ofelia Tiberius Felicie Rye Homer Vale Othello Cricket Ado Santiago Loch Roald Thorn Philippine Zeno Barley Gulliver Indigo Hieronymous Onyx Melchior Yarrow Tarquin Angelou Gryphon Sirius Roma March Scipio Cedar Balthasar Jubilee Picasso Libra Senegal Wolf Bellatrix Cerulean Tangier Flint Nera Rodion Degas Halloran Petunia Lior Cyprus Monet Etana Guitar Nero Ceylon Perseus Aya Sorrel Odin Crane Kyoto Shale Jemima Dulce Gardener Enoch Halston Tamlane Abital Bogart Teal Iker Lemon Ainhoa Lilac Hart Tilden Millicent Prairie Lazarus Noble Hawthorne Phlox Cyprian Tahoe Quince Aitana Spruce Mar Cassio Tuesday Hamish Nixie Heathcliff Donati Balsam Renoir Aries Epiphany Salinger Orsino Mercury Jules Phaedra Caspar Lorcan Oak Havelock Abraxas Daffodil Poe Japhy Mars Eliam Fennel Victoire Wilda Ishmael Tundra Pollux Amethyst Macon Vela Dunstan Roan Thor Pelagios Cupid Altair Fenno Linden Thurloe Seaton Indre Toril Gwyneira Nephele Tauria Halifax Vesta Themis Edwige Aurelio Beryl Thaxter Linnet Amapola Bethan Taliesin Canary, Safiyya


    Gryphon Sander Ceylon
    Boaz Caspar Thorn
    Odin Balthazar Vale
    Sirius Tarquin Flint
    Cyprian Fenno Puck
    Linden Tiberius Monet
    Orsino Halloran Rye
    Timo Heathcliff
    Hamish Altair
    Rodion Tahoe
    Eliam Halston
    Leif Melchior
    Abraxas Loch
    Iker Dunstan


    Abital Felicie Haven
    Prairie Bethan Victoire
    Angelou Nixie Mar
    Themis Indigo Dulce
    Indre Philippine Loire
    Tuesday Wilda Phlox
    Ofelia Azure Glen
    Amethyst Ado
    Tauria Lilac
    Jemima Yarrow
    Ainhoa Canary
    Bellatrix Nephele
    Gwyneira Cricket
    Aya Mercury
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