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    Josephine or Henrietta?

    I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant with my second child. My first is a boy named S1m0n K3lly Lastname. We don't plan to find out the sex of this baby before the birth.

    For ages and ages and ages (okay, about 6 or 7 years), Josephine has been my favorite girls name. We've had a first and middle--Josephine She@--picked since I was pregnant with my son.

    However, it's risen so much in popularity in the last couple of years. While I haven't encountered any in real life and don't know any in my circle, I worry it's only a matter of time until it's top 100, maybe even top 50. I'm not sure how I'd feel about running into other Josephines everywhere I go.

    My husband and I have also come to really love the name Henrietta, his great-grandmother's name. We would use the nickname Hattie and haven't decided on a middle name yet, possibly She@ as well (though I don't love the two together as much as I do with Josephine). Henrietta is obviously much less popular and a bolder, more unexpected choice, one of the things I love about it.

    But my husband and our children have/will have a tease-provoking last name. Something that 9-year-old boys get a kick out of mocking. I'm worried that Henrietta is too bold with that last name and that Josephine is a gentler, easier fit.

    My husband is split 50-50 on the two names right now. I'm still leaning toward Josephine--it gives me such a happy feeling in my heart--but then have times when I'm more excited about Henrietta. I'm okay keeping both on ice until the baby is born, seeing if it's a girl, and seeing which name fits better. But I guess the big issue is I don't know what would upset me more: picking J and then groaning every time I run into another one or NOT picking J and sighing every time I encounter another little girl with the name I loved for so long but didn't use.


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    I prefer Josephine to Henrietta. I don't think you have to worry about Josephine's popularity if you have yet to meet one in your area (see the US stats below). Josephine has been increasing but her rise has been a steady one not meteoric. I think Josephine is strong, elegant and majestic. I love vintage names but for some reason I can't "warm" to Henrietta. I find it clunky. While I can appreciate the family connection for you, I'm not a fan of Henrietta (I do love Hattie though).

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    I much prefer Josephine and I really don't think it will become so popular that you will see another that frequently.
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    I adore both names, but Josephine is my favorite of the two.
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    I tend to prefer Josephine over Henrietta (I agree with previous poster that it's a little clunky), but I absolutely LOVE the nn Hattie, so adorable, so I'm torn. I guess I'm not much help!

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