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    This newbie needs your help :)

    Hello everybody! Alright, here's the deal...we've decided that we would love for each of our future kids to have one biblical/religious meaning name! Our last name is Johnson

    Our favorites so far...

    Boys: Judah Rhys (Judah meaning "he who is praised"), Finn Malachi (Malachi meaning "my messenger; my angel")

    Girls: Emery Grace (grace like the virtue), Briella Skye (Briella meaning "God is my strength")

    Other options...

    Boys: Milo, Monroe...and biblical/religious boys: Declan (meaning "man of prayer"), Ezra (meaning "help"), Asher (meaning "happiness")

    Girls: Shiloh, Aeryn, Sage, Adelyn, Monroe

    Do you guys have any more ideas for biblical/religious boy names that could be middle names for Finn?! And any ideas for cute middle names for Briella?! I would sooooo appreciate you HELP! THIS IS WHAT I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP ON!!!!!!

    I think we're pretty set on Judah Rhys, Finn (something biblical/religious?), Emery Grace, and Briella (something cute?)

    Thanks in advance)) let me know if I can help you in any way!

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    I'm new, too. And that's a nice idea for a theme. Maybe you'd like Finn Eliah?

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    You have very interesting taste that is composed of two sort of unharmonious styles: sweet/trendy and ultra-Biblical. Judah Rhys works, but some others are so incongruous that there's a bit of style whiplash. That might not matter to you, but I think we can find something that fits and flows.

    Briella Grace seems like an obvious choice or are you trying to find multiple perfect names instead of just one perfect name?

    Finn Caleb
    Finn Isaac
    Finn Nathaniel

    all feel more natural than Finn Malachi.
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    Judah Rhys Johnson is a lovely sounding name! I really like Judah. For Briella: Briella Monroe (I LOVE Monroe for a girl) flows so beautifully to me, Grace is also pretty with Briella, or Briella Jane.

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    Thank you, I love the idea of this theme! Finn Elijah is just okay to me, but thank you for you help!!

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