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    A Name for Number 2

    Hi there, our second baby is due late this summer and we are STUCK on a name. Our first is a 2-year-old little boy, named Thomas Franklin (nn Tommy). Part of our issue is that we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl. We have middle names picked out either way, but can't agree on a first name. Anyway, that's where y'all come in: can you help us name our baby?

    If it's a girl her middle name will be Sue.

    If it's a boy his middle name will be Hatch.

    And, go....

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    Love Thomas Franklin! So handsome. It definitely needs a complimentary name. And I love your style, so maybe I can help you out. I have three girls, Clara, Hazel, and Jane (Hazel's first name is actually Catherine) so I think we can relate somewhat.

    Assuming you like a variety of girls names..
    Ruby Sue
    Clara Sue
    Maggie Sue
    Katherine Sue
    Joanna Sue
    Caroline Sue
    Nora Sue
    Nellie Sue
    Meredith Sue
    Amelia Sue

    For boys...
    Jameson Hatch
    Elijah Hatch
    Isaac Hatch
    Robert Hatch
    Henry Hatch
    Willis Hatch
    Stephen Hatch
    Meyer Hatch
    Jefferson Hatch
    Lucas Hatch
    Reuben Hatch
    Charles Hatch

    Good luck!

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    Thomas is very traditional. Let's look at names along that line...

    Mary Sue
    Elizabeth Sue
    Margaret Sue
    Katherine/Catherine Sue
    Frances Sue
    Anna Sue

    Peter Hatch
    Paul Hatch
    George Hatch
    James Hatch
    John Hatch
    Joseph Hatch
    Gregory Hatch

    It seems that two syllables would work the best with these names, but one works better on boys than girls (John Hatch sounds better than Jane Sue.)
    Hope that helped!
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    I love Elizabeth and Margaret for a girl, now to convince the hubs of their charm. (I also love the other girl names you suggested, but unfortunately have close family members with those names so we've ruled them off-limits)

    As far as boys, I love George and Gregory, I'd never considered those two!

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