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    Oliver and Oscar? Too close right??

    Hi, I've posted on here a few times recently and have gotten some really great feedback, so I thought I would throw this out there...
    We are expecting our third boy and having a hard time!
    Big brothers are Oliver and Miles. Oscar is a name that DH and I both love but we ruled it out almost immediately because of the similarity to Oliver who very often goes by Ollie... Oscar could be shortened to Oz but I don't see how you could avoid also throwing in Ozzie. Ollie and Ozzie?? On top of that our dog's name is Otis and we often shorten to Oti... Clearly we have a thing for O names.
    Other names that we are considering are:
    Quincy - my favorite
    Hugo - nameberry community favorite
    Sebastian - A bit of a mouthful with our last name which ends in -man
    Leo - sounds like Ollie reversed, and my nephew who we spend a lot of time with is Theo

    So what do you think? Is Oscar a contender or should we cross it off the list?

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    Oliver and Oscar were two near the top of my list at one point, but I ended up dropping one because of the similarity. I don't think they're *too* close in general (not like Baylee and Kaylee or anything) but they're too close for me.
    Oliver and Miles are perfect together. If helps (?) I feel like Oscar is a little harsh-sounding in comparison.
    Hugo would be fantastic with your boys' names, and I love Leo as well (prefer the LEH-o pronunciation though). Theo, Leo and Milo were all near the top of my list at one point, too... and Sebastian
    I think you have solid options here!
    I do think Oscar can be a contender. It's not really my personal favourite with Miles and Oliver, and it racks up some added confusion with Otis, but it is a great name.
    I'm not sure if you're taking suggestions or not, but back when Theo and Milo were topping my list, I had Malcolm "Mac" up there, too. I think Ollie, Miles & Mac are awesome together.

    Good luck! I really think you have a winner, no matter what you choose.
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    My favourite from your list is Quincy, as a sibset with Oliver and Miles. Sebastian is nice, but I agree, if your last name ends in -man, that seems hard to say. Personally, I'm not crazy about Oscar with Oliver. Not only do both start with O, they also both end with the same sound. And seems to put Miles at a disadvantage, like he's the odd guy out.

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    I think Leo is perfect wih Oliver and Miles!! Oscar is way too close. Plus, it always has the grouch/oscar meyer connotation for me.

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    I think they're too close. They just leave poor Miles all by his lonesome. Also, Miles & Oliver are very smooth, whereas Oscar is gruff. I think boys' names like Graham, Pierce, Leo, Dorian and the like are much better matches.

    I really did like your suggestion of Quincy. However, Quentin might be an even better fit, and a little more "name-like."
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