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    Oliver and Oscar? Too close right??

    Hi, I've posted on here a few times recently and have gotten some really great feedback, so I thought I would throw this out there...
    We are expecting our third boy and having a hard time!
    Big brothers are Oliver and Miles. Oscar is a name that DH and I both love but we ruled it out almost immediately because of the similarity to Oliver who very often goes by Ollie... Oscar could be shortened to Oz but I don't see how you could avoid also throwing in Ozzie. Ollie and Ozzie?? On top of that our dog's name is Otis and we often shorten to Oti... Clearly we have a thing for O names.
    Other names that we are considering are:
    Quincy - my favorite
    Hugo - nameberry community favorite
    Sebastian - A bit of a mouthful with our last name which ends in -man
    Leo - sounds like Ollie reversed, and my nephew who we spend a lot of time with is Theo

    So what do you think? Is Oscar a contender or should we cross it off the list?

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