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    Ancient names with cute, spunky nickname potential!

    I've been trying to narrow in on what makes my taste in names 'tick,' and I've discovered that the names I gravitate toward are:

    -Ancient or ancient-sounding, thick with tones of mythology and history - that preferably have nickname potential to fit my second thematic love:
    -Spunky, unusual and quirky

    This seems to apply across the board for me, but right now I'm looking at girls' names. The names that fit this bill (for me!) on my list are:

    Adelphie (nickname options Ada, Adi, Della, Phie)
    Aizeti (Aia, Zee, Ti, etc)
    Nayeli (Aya)
    Niobe (Io)
    Parthenie (Pari, Theni)
    Penthea (Penny, Thea)
    Sidonia (Sidi)
    Theonie (Thea, though I love Theonie all on its own ) you can tell, I also gravitate toward "-ee" sounds for the ending, as my last name ends in an "uh" sound which tends to rule out oherwise lovely --a names.

    I'd love to hear ideas as to what names fit this bill for YOU! For my own selfish purposes, I do prefer non --a ending names, but please do share them still as others might be interested (plus I might see one that I could find variants for ). If you think of boys' names that fit of course throw them out as well

    eta: As always, I appreciate honest reactions to the names I listed. No need to censor or be apologetic - I haven't used any and don't have immediate plans to.
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