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    classic, modern or uncommon?

    Hubby and I are TTC#1 and considering three options for a boys name:

    The classic Ibrahim
    The modern short Zaid
    The uncommon Loqman

    All three are meaningfull to us (and allowed by our government) but we can't decide which style to choose for #1 and potential siblings
    What do you think?

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    As a fellow Arabic name enthusiast, I would choose either Zaid or Luqman (never seen it with an O). Luqman the Wise (Luqman al-Hakim) is such an interesting figure in folk Islam, and a Sura of the Quran is named after him. [Disclaimer, we are Christians, not Muslims, so wouldn't use it, but I find it interesting]. Zaid is hip and approachable. It honors your culture/faith while still letting your son blend in with other modern names in his classroom.

    Ibrahim is fine, but Arabic names have been so constrained by tradition and family naming rules that it's nice to branch out.

    Other, more modern, names I like:

    Aqil (intelligent, wise)
    Fahd (panther)
    Altair (the eagle; constellation)
    Haidar / Hayder (lion)
    Kader / Qadir
    Mazin (rain clouds)
    Naji (safe, saved)
    Rafiq (gentle)
    Ra'd (Ain is so hard to pronounce, but it's so cool--means thunder)
    Sani (brilliant, splendid)
    Tariq (searcher)
    Yasin (two of those random letters at the beginning of a sura in the Quran-- devotional name)
    Zaki (two meanings: pure, and wise/clever)
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    I like Zaid the best.
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    I vote Zaid. What a great name!

    I find Ibraham so heavily religious. It's very old-mannish, which can be a good thing, but I'd expect a baby named Ibraham to be born with a full beard.
    Loqman gets stuck in the top of my throat and the back of my nose when I say it.

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    I love Zaid. Ibrahim is very classic and nice, also. Loqman is nms, but usable.

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