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    What kind of people do you imagine would have these names??

    So I had my ultrasound! And we are definitely having a boy!

    Anyways, Theo came to me with a few names that I'm really liking. I was just wondering what you guys think of them?
    What kind of person do you imagine when you see these names:

    Raphael (no nickname- I don't like Raffy)
    Ambrose (nickname Bo)
    Emilio (nickname Lio)
    Lorenzo (nickname Renz or Enzo)
    Roscoe (maybe Ross?)

    Thanks Berries!
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    Congratulations on a healthy son!

    Raphael-- I'm quite biased, as it's my son's middle name. I think it's dreamy, romantic, angelic, artistic. It also has some backbone.

    Ambrose-- a sweetly fusty name. Fantastic namesakes (St Ambrose, Merlin), but the -rose ending unfortunately can be perceived as feminine. Many people unfamiliar with its history might see it as a smash between Amber and Rose.

    Emilio-- Mr Estevez, first and foremost. Again, with the mega-popularity of Emily, the male variants will suffer.

    Lorenzo-- a swashbuckling, rollocking name. Very handsome, debonair, chic.

    Roscoe-- fat country sheriff's deputy
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    Roscoe and Raphael are my favorites from your list
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    VERY italian. I like Emilio a lot. I actually think that could come in style right now in the area taken by Milo and Emmett right now. I went to school with an Emilio and he had a very big personality. No connection to Emily ever entered my mind.
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    Emilio and Lorenzo are fantastic names. They each have multiple nn possibilities, which make them very attractive names. These are also names that can grow with a boy. I can picture an adorable, little Milio or Enzo, yet an incredibly handsome, dashing Emilio or Lorenzo. I want to like Roscoe because there is definitely a fun, playful quality to it, but I agree that it is very "country sheriff".

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