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    Quote Originally Posted by saralouise View Post
    I love the name Anastasia and we're now thinking of middle names.

    Anastasia Lark
    Anastasia Lake
    Anastasia Maeve
    Anastasia Corinne
    Anastasia Pearl


    Thank you!
    I love Anastasia, she's stunning! Anastasia sounds really elegant and vibrant, conjuring up images of Russian royalty and the Russian revolution which is such an interesting period of history. Anastasia looks great. I also love the nicknames such as Anya, Annie, Anna and Sia.
    My thoughts on the combinations:
    Anastasia Lark - Lark is a really sweet name, she looks lovely with Anastasia and adds a very light femininity to the name. I think the combination works beautifully together.

    Anastasia Lake - I think Lark is prettier than Lake with Anastasia. I find Lake harsh with Anastasia and very abrupt. Both Lake and Lark are similar names both sound wise and visually but Lark just sounds a million times better with Anastasia. Anastasia Lark is so elegant. Whereas Anastasia Lake just doesn't work in my eyes.

    Anastasia Maeve - Maeve is sweet, charming name. She's a lovely Gaelic choice. Maeve looks really lovely but I think Maeve is too different with Anastasia. I think Anastasia doesn't work with Maeve their too different. Maeve would work with classics like Imogen or Elizabeth. Also dislike the A.M. initials.

    Anastasia Corinne - Corinne sounds so royal and gorgeous with Anastasia. Anastasia Corinne sounds so vibrant and European. I love this combination. It's stunning. Anastasia Corinne is lovely.

    Anastasia Pearl - Anastasia is lovely. She's so gorgeous with Pearl. But in away I do think Pearl takes away some of the shine with Anastasia, however this is slightly nit-picky of me.

    My favourite is Anastasia Lark followed by Anastasia Pearl.

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