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    Middle names for Anastasia

    I love the name Anastasia and we're now thinking of middle names.

    Anastasia Lark
    Anastasia Lake
    Anastasia Maeve
    Anastasia Corinne
    Anastasia Pearl


    Thank you!

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    Ooh, lovely combos! Nothing wrong with any of them really. The one syllable names would be expected with the long fn, but Corinne certainly works and is a fab name.

    I'd remove the two that have the long A- sound- Maeve and Lake IF you are pronouncing the ending- stayzha, and not -stosseah.
    Pearl is a bit more expected, so that leaves Lark and Corinne. One if fun and frisky, the other pure glamour. Hope that helps!

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    Beautiful names. I prefer:
    Anastasia Corinne
    Anastasia Lake
    Anastasia Maeve
    Good luck on choosing one!

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    I love Corinne, especially since you wanted a French name. Something with a lot of consonant sounds balances Anastasia, and it's very elegant.
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    Anastasia Pearl is gorgeous! Anastasia Corrine would have been my second choice.

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