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    My immediate thought is Baja Mexico or the Subaru Baja (really ugly crossover vehicle). Also, I think she'll get a lot of mispronunciation throughout life with people wanting to sound out the J rather than pronounce it Ba-ha (even though that's the correct pronunciation).

    Also, believetheway is right, Baja can mean short, bring down, drop, or fall... none of which are very attractive meanings. If any kids in school speak Spanish and catch onto it, it may result in some ugly nicknames.

    Good luck!
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    I think of Baja Fresh.. What about Behati?

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    Baja or Baha is a bit strange. I knew someone that called her daughter Baja, but it is pronounced Baya. I bet she is called Baha all the time, since spelled that way, it is a place name.
    Baja and Bohdi seems a bit matchy too. I think you should find something else.

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    I dislike Baja as a name. But that aside I think Bodhi and Baja are too matchy for siblings. (if you had a third child would you stick to the B long-vowel theme?) I'd find it strange to meet Bodhi, Baja and Violet.
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    Hi! IMO this is a bit of a meh name. It's not the worst name, but it's also not the best. I would pronounce it Baya. She might get some teasing at school about sheep because of the first syllable, and if they do spanish at her school she will definitely be teased because it means to drop down or to fall.

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