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Thread: Name Change

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    Name Change

    Hey all,

    I have wanted to change my name since I was eight years old and now years later. It's funny which names I wanted back then stayed (Celeste) and left (Chrystal). I have nothing against Chrystal, it's my cousin's name and I actually have two cousins with my name. My parents wanted to be surprised when I was born and I think they Rock Paper Scissors for my name. Laura on the left and Jordan on the right and so the nurse told them we've had three Megan's born today. So that was the happy medium. I have nothing against Megan, I just never liked it. It was too popular and I want something original. Like I said I go to visit my family and there are three of us in the same room. It's a blast-"Hey Megan!!! Blonde Megan not red Megan." We're all technically blonde. So I told my parents and they hated the idea and told me it sounded like I was a felon on the run. (Felons can't change their names, already knew that). I don't care what people think. I was just wanting input because my family and most friends don't help.

    I had these picked out:

    Anastasia Noël

    These were ones I was looking at. I was hoping somebody wouldn't mind throwing in some ideas. I am cool with having two middle names etc. I would love your input on the ones I looked at and anything else you like.

    Thank you so much

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    Wow, I love all of your names! What if you used a different, more unique variation of your name? Megan is a variation of Margaret, which happens to have quite a few different forms.
    How about:
    Margot- I really love this. I think of Margot Frank, which I think is a nice association.
    Gretel- It's cute in a vintage-chic way, but then there's Hansel and Gretel...hmm...
    Mairead- I'm not sure whether I like this or not, to be honest.
    Grieta- I think this is pretty.
    Margisia- Very different.

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    My thinking on this subject tends to be on the conservative side, in that changing one's name is usually only worthwhile to achieve a specific purpose - for example, witness protection. Or say your name is seriously hurting your career prospects for whatever reason, though this need not be a legal change in most instances. Or there's a serial killer in the news who happens to have the exact same name as you -- but that tends to blow over.

    The reason I feel this way? There will inevitably be so much social backlash from changing one's name that it's simply not worthwhile. You dislike your name because it's common or blasé, but you'd just be trading one issue (plain old name dislike) for another or multiple (social confusion, issues with records, judgment from others, etc.). You'll have to push the issue for YEARS with friends, family and acquaintances who knew you before the change, and they may never come onboard. Introducing yourself to new people will not be without its problems, either, as they will eventually hear the story and feel conflict themselves: I know two people who I met post-name-change, and when it comes up around older friends they roll their eyes at the name changer AND at me for "playing along with it." These people definitely have a case of split-identity, and while neither express regret, they do express frustration. It should be noted, though, that in both cases these name changers were just using other forms of their given legal names, one a middle name and the other a different nickname from the same root as their given name (eg. Kathy instead of Katie or Margot instead of Maggie) I can only imagine it would have been much more frustrating had they adopted an entirely new name.

    I think the very easiest option, and the smoothest social transition, it to start going by a nickname derived from your given name, whether first or middle. Play with combinations, anagrams, etc. No legal change necessary. Wanting something completely different (like Celeste all the way from Megan) points more to boredom and a desire to reinvent oneself in general, not simply disliking your name... and you'll find that your value, creativity and indivuality are tied up in a great many things -- least of which being the verbal label assigned to you at birth.

    On a related note, this is part of why I prefer (and encourage others) to consider names with the most nickname potential possible. Boredom can easily be vented by switching from Megan to Maggie to Meg to Margot to Greta to Margie and back again, but nickname-proof names mean the person is stuck.

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    I agree completely with yellow. Honestly, backlash is the right word. There are very few occasions that people find adult name changes acceptable, one being a) a famous, evil person has come to dominate your name, a la Tony Soprano or Adolf or Lyle Menendez or something; b) your name is a disaster that no one can spell or pronounce (i.e Jai-quar'shunious); c) your name is childish, sacrilegious, ridiculous, given when your parents were stoned, or is otherwise a complete social embarrassment (like Tallula Does the Hula from Hawaii). People will be genuinely sympathetic in these situations. Otherwise-- honestly-- it will be seen as pathetic, needy, and selfish.

    It is indeed very frustrating, and rather unusual, to be one of three Megans in the same family. I understand the wish to individuate yourself. I think @yellow's advice to search for variants, diminutives, combinations with your middle name, etc is very good. For example, if you're Megan Elizabeth, you can be Bethan (another Welsh name like Megan, but much much rarer). If you're Megan Renee, you can be Maren (a Scandinavian form of Mary). You can be Pearl / Perla, at a stretch (the meaning of Margaret).

    And perhaps, if your new nickname really sticks, down the line you can change it legally and make a very organic transition.

    The beauty of Megan/Margaret is that is has literally hundreds of variants. The ones starting with M will be easier for you.

    May** (probably the easiest)
    Mared / Mairead
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    Thank you. I am personally not afraid of any of the backlash. My parents and family may call me Megan or whatever they want. I just go with it. I am not bored, far from it I just have never liked my name. I want something original, something that I would love the love the Margaret idea, thank you for it, had there not been a "female family names start with M." thing I would love it more. I feel like my parents didn't know what to name me had this wonderful nurse bring in a suggestion and lo and behold it fit the criteria for being in my family. I have a Margery, Marge,Margie, Margarette, Margaret, Margene, Magot, Margo, etc. so doing that for me in this case is like going through a photo album and picking which "great-" I want to be. I have nothing against this at all I am all for family names, I know I have one, my middle name is a biblical mistake from hundreds of years ago, (there were multiple women in the passage and they want the one that God favored and got the one He didn't instead.) instead of correcting it they just kept it going.
    I don't mind social backlash nor do I care about the thoughts on the subject. People have changed their names for less. I know of multiple and I don't mind. If the world was all the same it would be boring.

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