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    I like it. It makes sense to spell it Theia if you are going to pronounce it Thay-uh. Thumbs up

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Do you like lacier versions like Theodora or Theodosia?

    I like the traditional spelling of Thea. I don't think Theia would be pronounced correctly any more often, and the spelling would be a headache.

    I would class it as an exotic classic, feminine but no-frills.
    I am a Theodora and my great-aunt from the Ukraine was a Tekla, which is a version of the Greek Theocleia, which means, "God's Glory" and is in the apocryphal Acts of Paul and Thekla somewhere.

    I love that my name, Theodora, is finally receiving some attention. I absolutely hated it growing up, and was nicknamed Theo. I hated that because it sounded so masculine. I am very happy to the an adult Theodora.

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    Theia was one of the Titans, so definitely mythological and awesome.

    Thay-ah should be the correct pronunciation from the greek roots.

    (check this out it explains a lot about her

    As for the actual name, I love it! So pretty.
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    I'd say Thay-a with that spelling too, and Thee-a for Thea, so the spelling makes sense to me. I like both, but Thea seems more classical to me and Theia more exotic.
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