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Thread: Tabitha Drew?

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    Tabitha Drew?

    My friend (well we were close till 7th form I guess, we don't communicate that much these days) made an announcement on facebook that she welcomed her second daughter last tuesday. What do you think about her name choice? Would you choose it for your child? I like Tabitha and I like Drew but the combo seems a bit odd to me.
    Her first daughter is Ruth Penelope.
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    Tabitha Drew sounds cute! Tabitha is a lovely name, with a variety of cute nicknames. Paired with a feminine name, Drew sounds sweet and tomboy-ish.
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    I think it's lovely. And, I think it goes great with Ruth Penelope, which is also lovely.
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    I love the name Tabitha! It's super cute! Drew is a little weird with it, but it flows well. Ruth is great too!
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    Tabitha melts my heart. I like the rhythm and the sound with Drew.. but I agree that it's an unexpected pairing. Drew is much more modern - is it in honor of a male relative?

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