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    Mar 2012
    I've met only one- a surgeon who's in his 70s now. The first time he introduced himself, the name sounded fabulous to my ears. I filed it away until I was expecting our first child. It went all the way to the hospital with us! It would be a top 3 contender for me now has all the makings of the current trends with none of the popularity. Winner

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    Love it. Sounds distinguished, crisp, and modern. Alexander Calder is a great namesake- he's famous for his mobiles (hello instant nursery motif for a baby named Calder!) but his Circus pieces are my favorite.

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    I know of a teenage Calder, and it doesn't seem like a strange name on it him at all. It seems very easily wearable. I definitely think it's usable.

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    Jul 2012
    Thanks for the feedback everyone!
    Calder is now being added to the short list, does anyone have any middle name suggestions or names similar in style for sibling names?

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    Alexander Calder immediately came to mind. I's ok as a mn, but unless it has a family connection, I find it pretentious and trying too hard.

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