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    Oooh. Sometimes I wish I fit the stereotypical hippie, just so I could name my kids things like these. I absolutely love the name Milo. And I like the name Rayne for a girl, as well as Lyra and a few others that don't come to mind.
    No really.
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    Not horribly hippish but there are some names that I would love to use. And on a side note, I have a cousin named Misty Love, very hippy compared to her brother Steven James Jr.

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    I thought about it some more and I also want to add Atlantia to my list
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    Hmm I probably would go with the names in my sig but besides those Pixie Juno, Thistle Elif, Everlasting Lilou, Chrysanthemum Breeze, or Elphie Loveday for girls or December Cove, Fairbanks Urijah, Cedar Ambrose, Freedom Azariah, Ridge Aristotle, Eden Truth, or Everest Moss.

    Oh josh I really love a lot of these! :~P
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