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    Looking For The "Wow" Factor (Middle for Catherine)

    The good news: DH has finally come to his senses and agreed to spelling Catherine with a C! (I was never going to agree to Katherine, so I don't know why he was being so stubborn about it.) Nickname will be Cate, as it was my grandmother's maiden name.

    The bad news: I'm bored with all our original middle name ideas. We were considering Victoria, Felicity, Sophia, Olivia or Luna, with Felicity being my personal favorite. I still think they're all beautiful choices, but compared to our choice if it's a boy (William Balthazar), they just seem to lack a "wow" factor. Know what I mean? And since hubby miraculously agreed to Balthazar, I'm thinking he might now be open to another middle that's a little more unusual than our original choices.

    Some ideas I had:

    Catherine Artemisia
    Catherine Aurelia
    Catherine Elysia
    Catherine Emmanuelle - Never thought much of Emmanuelle before, but it's popped up in a couple of recent posts here, and now I think it is rather stunning.
    Catherine Genevieve
    Catherine Giselle
    Catherine Guinevere
    Catherine Helena
    Catherine Isolde - I'm not really a fan of Isolde by itself, but it does seem to sparkle with Catherine...
    Catherine Magdalena
    Catherine Morgana
    Catherine Ophelia - My favorite! Hubby vetoed it when we first started talking names because he's a high school English teacher, but his classes are actually in the middle of reading Hamlet right now and he admitted a couple of days ago that Ophelia is a gorgeous name, despite the association. Maybe I have a better shot of talking him into it?
    Catherine Paloma
    Catherine Seraphina - LOVE Seraphina, but the almost matching -ine/-ina endings give me pause.
    Catherine Tamara - Pronounced Ta-mar-a, "mar" rhyming with "car". Don't really like Ta-meer-a or Ta-muh-ra.
    Catherine Tanith - I was introduced to this name via ice dancer Tanith Belbin and thought it was very pretty.
    Catherine Tatiana
    Catherine Teagan
    Catherine Theophania
    Catherine Thisbe
    Catherine Winter
    Catherine Verity - Very similar to Felicity!
    Catherine Verona
    Catherine Vesper/a - Can't decide if I like Vesper or Vespera better. I think Vesper has a slight edge because it's very similar to my boys' love Casper (which I can't use with Balthazar in the possible sibset), but maybe Vespera seems more name-y?
    Catherine Violetta
    Catherine Xanthippe - Yes, I considered Xanthe, but Xanthippe intrigues me more, as well as being similar to Penelope and Calliope, two other names I adore.

    What do y'all think? Any other suggestions?

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    Catherine Giselle and Catherine Verity get my vote.

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    As much as I think Xanthippe is freakin awesome, I think it's flow is really off with Catherine - too much "TH" sound.

    I personally love Paloma, Aurelia and Artemisia.

    Other suggestions:

    Catherine Elisavet

    Catherine Safiya - maybe more sparkle than Sophia? It's Arabic meaning "pure", SAH-fee-ah, I'm pretty sure the stress is on the first syllable.

    Catherine Zinovia

    Catherine Eleni

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    Felicity is fab, but I love it when someone wants to raise the bar! ...I like Paloma, Verity, Tanith, Violetta, and Isolde. There is something sparkly about Catherine with another long C- name...Catherine Calypso, Catherine Clothilde, Catherine Corliss, Catherine Christabel, Catherine Claudia, Catherine Cressida

    I would add Catherine Saskia, Catherine Demetria, Catherine Eugenie, Catherine Mariska, Catherine Damaris, Catherine Isabeau, Catherine Johanna in the wow-but-not-OMG category. And in the OMG wow group- Catherine Aquinnah, Catherine Shoshana, Catherine Fortuna, Catherine Blanchfleur, Catherine Leonarda, Catherine Sosie, Catherine Fernanda, Catherine Edelmira, Catherine Socorro

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    I LOVE the name Ophelia. And I think Catherine Ophelia is stunning. Juliet was also a tragic character and that name has been rising in popularity. And I do also like Isolde.

    For other suggestions maybe...


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