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    Quote Originally Posted by nelliedellie View Post
    Tell me you got bored and added Sexburga just to see if anyone was still reading. Sexburga, that's bad. Some of these are quite cool if a bit of a mouthfull. Thanks for sharing.

    But Sexburga...

    Unfortunately, I have come across Sexburga on several early census records before - such an unfortunate name lol.

    This is a great list, thanks for sharing!

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    Great list - thank you!
    I'm loving Arilda, Crescentia, Dafrosa (I think. Can't tell if it's fabulous, or if it sounds too much like a Daphne-Rosa hybrid) Ebba, Enda, Eremberta, Etheldred/a (an old favorite) Euthalia, Everild, Flavia (though it makes me think of Latin textbooks- Flavia et Cornelia..) Illuminata, Iraya, Ita, Laurentia, Lucillian, Lucina, Mabyn, Merewenna, Monessa, Namadia, Nouna, Perrine, Psura (silent P?!), Quinta, Rosula, Sancta, Ulphia, Veridiana (!!), Vincentia, Wilfrida, Zaina
    And YRIEX! What on earth. Bananas. Love it.

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    Love it. Florentine and Aurelia are nice. Clotilde could nn to Chloe. Lucina is nice too.

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    Funny you should post this. I go to a Catholic college and today while waiting for my bus, I came across a plaque dedicated to many of the Sisters who had worked at the school. I was struck by many of the names and had to copy them down to put on Nameberry! Here they are:

    Carmela, Cabrini, Lea, Neonilla, Alexine, Magdalena, Gretchen, Chrysostom, Edmunda, Roberta, Fanchon, Leonarda, Antoinetta, Bibiana, Laetitia, Loretto, Regina, Simplicia, Marella, Bernarda, Angelica, Irmina, Levinna, Xaveria, Clotilde, Anacleta, Domitilla, Phyllis, Honora, Catalina, Rosaire, Etheldreda, Wilfredine, Theonilla, Catherita, Josephina, Fidelma, Rosalba, Romuald, Davidica, Blandina, Lucilla, Bernice, Ellenice, Marysia, Athanasia, Zita, Leonilla, Rosenda, Borgia, Huette, Modwena, Philotheus, Ernesta, Consuelo, Celestina, Clementine, Francille, Denisita, Myra, Alicette, Andrene, Alphonsine, Melmarie, Camella, Florice, Felician, Albertina, Macaria, Savina, Marynia, Hildegarde, Clarona, Euphrasia, Charlesetta, Lumena, Mercedes, Carmeline, Marianna, Therezon, Macrina, Thecla, Rosita, Ricarda, Philomene, Louisella

    How many do you think are usable?
    Madeleine * Catherine * Elizabeth * Grace * Caroline * Eliza * Florence * Cordelia * Claudia * Lillian * Matilda * Eloise * Therese * Julia * Cecilia * Camille

    William * Sebastian * Julian * John Paul * Vaughan * Gabriel * Leo * Thibault * Fabian * Xavier * Hadrian * Cassius * Emanuel * Henry * Owen * Jude

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    I quite like a lot of these, actually! I think quite a few more could be wearable, like Alodia, Ariadne, Aurelia, Edana, Elia, Fara, Flavia, Ida, Inez, Ingrid, Irene, Kateri, Lea, Marcelina, Marciana, Melania, Nicola, Odilia, Petra, Roa, Romana, Rosalia, Susina, Zaina...and possibly a couple of others. Great list!
    Livia, nineteen.

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