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    Isabelle and Rosalie...

    My favorite combo right now is Isabelle Rosamund, prefer Izzy as the nickname. I've narrowed down my long list so now
    I'm between that and Annabelle Jane. Problem is, I don't want her to get lost in the sea of Isabella's! I'm unhappy with how popular my daughter's name became after choosing it (Sophie) being so similar to Sophia. I like a name that's known, but uncommon.

    Your thoughts on alternatives to Isabelle.. Isabeau? Isadora?

    Rosamund or Rosalie?

    Rosabelle? with a different first or middle?

    Maybe a different combo of any of the names mentioned?

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    I agree that Isabelle is super popular and if that bothers you about your first daughter's name, then I'm sure Isabelle will be the same. Though honestly, there are so many popular names right now that it's not like in our generation where the top two were Jennifer and Jessica. There are like 25 "popular" names so I don't think she will be in class with too many other Isabelles. Does that make sense? So if you love it, then stick with it. But actually, I like Annabelle Jane better personally. Also Gemma Rosalie from your favorites list is super cute too. And not uber popular, but still spell-able and pronounce-able.

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    I prefer Annabel Jane -- that's gorgeous! I also prefer Rosalie to Rosamund. Rosabelle sounds made up to me, and though I know Isabeau is a real name, I can't get my head around it. I read a book in which the main character was named Isabeau (nn Beau), and I wanted to like it SO much, but the whole book I just couldn't bring myself to say it instead of Isabelle. This could definitely be me, though. If you like Isabeau, I think you should go for it. I love the nn Beau -- it's super cute. I also love Gemma Rosalie from your name list in your signature. And although I'm so sorry you have a bit of name regret with Sophie, I wanted to say that I LOVE that name and it will always be one of my favorites and for me will never sound trendy because it's just so beautiful. Good luck -- I hope I've helped!

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    I think Isadora is a beautiful name and a great alternative to Isabelle(although I still love Isabelle). I think Isadora is so glamorous. Like a girl who travels the world and wears red nail polish year round. I think Isadora Rosamund is perfect.

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    I would say Isadora Rosamund in a flash, but with your other daughter I'm not so sure. Sophie Brielle is so breezy and sweet. Isadora Rosamund is wonderful, but it's much weightier.
    I think Isabeau is a lovely and interesting choice, more in keeping with sweet Sophie than Isadora or Rosamund, not trendy like Isabelle or Rosalie. Rosabelle feels made-up to me. I suggest.. Sophie Brielle and:

    Isabeau Rosebud (whimsical, sweet, diminutive but also has a cool Citizen Kane reference)
    Isabeau Rosette (I just like the rhythm of this one. Again, it's a bit light and sweet "little rose" but it also makes me think of the Rosetta Stone, the ancient key to Hieroglyphic language.)

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