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    How many Charlottes do you know? Do most go by Charlotte, Lottie or another nickname?

    I love the name Charlotte, and my hubby loves it too as long as we call her Lottie most of the time. Plus Lottie is the name of a very dear family member, and Charlotte seems like the perfect way to honor her. One thing that holds me back though is the popularity of Charlotte. I'm just currious how many you all know in real life. And does using Lottie make it more unique, or are there also tons of Lottie's running around now?

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    Never met a little Charlotte.

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    I don't know a Charlotte either.

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    I know 2 Charlottes, both in their early twenties. They both go by Char (prn "Shar")

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    I don't know any Charlottes. I wouldn't think all (or even most) are just Lottie--I hear Charlotte (with no nn), Lottie, Charlie, and Lola (not to mention more obscure ones, like Ari, Char, Harlo, Lotte (LAH-tuh; German nn I think), etc. bantered around, all pretty much equally. So I don't think she'd be in a sea of Lotties if she got the name.

    LOVE Charlotte nn Lottie, btw--Lola is my nn of choice, but I would be happy if one day my hypothetical Charlotte came home and said, "Mommy, you can call me Lottie now."
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