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    Are these names too fantastical?

    I'm writing a story that is in a world very similar to this one with a few 'magical' differences, but the world feels very grounded in reality still. However, the names are a bit on the fantasy side, and I'm concerned it might be too much?

    The main characters would be:
    Siblings: Celeste Meryl, Yvaine Aderyn, Dorian August
    Celeste has a best friend named Zelda, and Yvaine is close to a girl named Maren.
    Their parents would be Eduardo and Anna.

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    I think with parents Eduardo and Anna, Celeste, Yvaine and Dorian feel waaaay out of base.

    The name Zelda take things too "fanstastical"
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    I really like the sibling names together. But the parents names(especially Anna) seem out of place. Maybe something like Alora, Alanna, Aurelia or Amabel would fit better.
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    I'm not sure if you're trying deliberately to set your story is a post-racial world, but otherwise Eduardo and Anna feel very grounded, very traditional, and very Spanish. Their naming children Yvaine (a name somewhat exclusively associated with Stardust, though Yvain was a medieval male name), Zelda (associated with the Legends Thereof), and Dorian (invented by Oscar Wilde) sound both incongruous and a little close to copyright infringement if you're serious about wanting people to read it. Celeste Meryl is fine (though Meryl Celeste sounds better); however, it's quite French/Welsh and does clash with Eduardo & Anna.
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    Yvaine is Stardust related and if you don't want to get sued, you might as well change it. Same goes for Zelda. The rest are fine, but change Yvaine and Zelda due to popular references.

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